Iowa Supports Middle East Peace

Peace Now, Please

Peace Now, Please

Among the groups gearing up for Iowa’s first in the nation presidential caucus is Iowans Supporting Israel (ISI). According to their web site,

“Iowa has an important role in the quadrennial selection of our President, we also have the responsibility to share what is important to us as candidates and surrogates seek our support. Establishing an effective, statewide organization in place will be important as the next election grows closer. Yet, as we understand the ongoing importance of Israel, we view this organization to be one that will be sustaining through all electoral and caucus cycles.”

Just what we need— another group raising money to impact elections.

ISI apparently sent form letters to every Democrat who signed up as a delegate to the state convention. While I don’t agree Iowa needs another political action committee (or whatever this group purports to be), it is possible to agree with ISI in a couple of respects.

They sent a signed statement by President Harry Truman which reads,

“This Government has been informed that a Jewish state has been proclaimed in Palestine, and recognition has been requested by the provisional Government thereof.

The United States recognizes the provisional government as the de facto authority of the State of Israel.

     ~ signed Harry Truman, May 14, 1948.

Hard to disagree here. It is also true, as the group wrote, that the existence of Israel has been threatened ever since they were recognized by the United Nations.

What was not written about in the personally addressed letter was the many accounts of the poor treatment of Palestinians heard from friends and acquaintances who have been to the region. The author didn’t write about the two state solution. There was a lot missing as he asked for a financial donation.

During a time when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) placed a 24-hour ban on U.S. flights to Israel after missile attacks near the airport, it can serve no useful purpose to support one party over the other in this multiparty conflict, any more than we have.

The U.S. Senate passed a resolution supporting Israel  the same night Israel launched a ground offensive into the Gaza Strip. That, combined with the financial aid given Israel every year, seems like enough support.

What the Middle East needs is less congressional lobbying and resolutions, and a willingness from all parties in the conflict to negotiate a settlement.

On those terms, Iowa could support peace in the Middle East.

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