Howard Dean's 5 Lessons For Iowa Democrats

Howard Dean 2004 Campaign

Howard Dean 2004 Campaign

The lessons for Democrats Howard Dean found in Eric Cantor’s primary loss are nothing if not a reminder of what grassroots politics is, and the importance of being engaged if we want to effect change in government.

“The fact is, the Democratic base is much larger than the TEA party, and polling shows that most Americans stand with us on issue after issue, from expanding Social Security to raising the minimum wage to getting big money out of politics,” wrote Dean in the June 15 issue of Politico Magazine. “If Democrats mobilize our base, stand up for what’s right and force a fight on vote-inspiring issues connected to combating income inequality, we can rack up wins that will stun many in Washington’s pundit class— and elect Democratic majorities in the House and Senate in November.”

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Here are Dean’s five lessons for Democrats from Cantor’s primary election loss:

1. Competing in every state and district remains vital.

2. Americans are so fed up with Congress that even the TEA party wants to kick it out.

3. Organization and shoe leather can beat big money.

4. Base support wins elections— unless it drives you outside the mainstream.

5. Anything can happen in 2014.

While some of us were late coming to the Dean fan club, what he wrote here makes common sense, and is the stuff of Democratic wins in the U.S. House and Senate.


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