Governor Branstad’s Job Growth Claims “Mostly False”

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Matt Sinovic

Iowa lost 7,300 jobs in January, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics; Branstad claims 2,600 jobs gained Governor Branstad 139,300 short of keeping his promise to create 200,000 Iowa jobs as unemployment rises to 4.3%.

Des Moines, IA — The Branstad administration manipulated job numbers released today by Iowa Workforce Development, claiming 2,600 jobs were gained when 7,300 jobs were lost. At the direction of the administration, Iowa Workforce Development has invented a figure, called gross over the month employment gains, to distort job numbers and inflate growth. The figure is not recognized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and independent fact checks have deemed the Governor’s claims on job growth ‘mostly false’.

Governor Branstad has repeatedly promised to create 200,000 jobs. As of this morning’s report, he is still 139,300 jobs short of keeping that promise.

In response to this morning’s report, Progress Iowa executive director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement:

“How can the Governor claim he’s creating jobs when the numbers prove just the opposite? He refuses to tell the truth, so it’s up to all of us to remind him of a few economic realities. Our incomes are stagnant, with family income growing at less than one percent. Job growth is painfully slow, and the jobs available are not good paying jobs. Income inequality is a growing problem, as more and more Iowa families live in or on the edge of poverty.”

“The administration’s strategy of wasting money on tax breaks for corporations instead of investing in Iowans isn’t working. It’s time we put our resources behind Iowa schools, Iowa roads, and Iowa workers, instead of in the pockets of foreign corporations and the Governor’s political allies.”

“Hard working Iowans deserve better than a failed strategy and continued dishonesty from their Governor.”

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Iowa Workforce Development Release: Iowa loses 7,300 jobs in January, unemployment rises to 4.3%

Iowa Workforce Development: Gross Over the Month Employment Gains (non-recognized figure) shows growth of 2,600 jobs when the state lost 7,300

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2 Responses to Governor Branstad’s Job Growth Claims “Mostly False”

  1. Dave Bradley says:

    per IPR last night, Iowa was the only state losing jobs in January as the national unemployment rate went down a bit.
    Branstad is in the party that has done everything it can to destroy jobs in this country since day one of Obama and during the Bush administration.


  2. charles almon says:

    Lying. It’s what they do.
    ALL of them. SO silly in this age of info available everywhere.


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