St. Patrick Would Not Have Approved Of Drones

st patrick “In Christ, there is no killing.” – St. Patrick

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate the day by raising a glass to  your neighborhood peace activists.

Protesters from across the country rallied in Des Moines on Saturday against the U.S. military’s drone warfare.

“What we’re doing today is not a last gasp of defeat, but is a part of a continuing effort,” said Ed Flaherty, president of the Iowa City chapter of Veterans for Peace. “I don’t know how we stop this in Des Moines or in the country, but we have to use our creative minds to think how we do it.”

About 100 people gathered at the Iowa Air National Guard Base in Des Moines, 3100 McKinley Ave., for the rally. Des Moines Catholic Worker and the Des Moines Veterans for Peace chapter organized the rally.   click here to read the entire article

Video:   “Drone welfare is illegal. It is immoral.  And in addition to that, it’s stupid.” – Veterans for Peace member Ed Flaherty

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