This Week On The Fallon Forum: The Great Climate March, Fracking, Solar Energy

fallon forumHere’s the word from Ed –

Dear Friends,

Mairead Maguire, noted Irish human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, has endorsed the Great March for Climate Action. “When governments fail to do what is possible to protect the very livability of a territory, its ability to produce food and provide shelter, climate change becomes a human rights issue,” said Mairead.

I’ve invited Mairead to join us on the Fallon forum at her earliest convenience. Her work began in response to the violence in Northern Ireland. More recently, her activism on behalf of Palestinians landed her time in an Israeli jail. She helped found Peace People and she won the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize at age 33.

Thanks to Ben Allaway for inviting Mairead to endorse the Climate March. Writes Ben, “I was really struck with Maguire’s view of climate change as a human rights issue. Governments can turn things around on this issue, and if they don’t, it feels to me like a human rights violation.”

Monday, we are joined by Jonathan Narcisse, who just announced his candidacy for Governor on the Democratic ticket. Also, speaking of Palestine, Maria Filippone with Des Moines Onstage tells us about the upcoming production of My Name is Rachel Corrie. (See our Events Page for full details.)

Tuesday, we talk about how natural gas fracking has caused 100 cases of confirmed water pollution over the past five years – and how several states have been less than forthcoming with information about the problem. Also, dancer Elizabeth Adams joins me to discuss several angles on Des Moines’ blossoming cultural scene, including the question of when – and what – is appropriate for children.

Wednesday, Rob Hach with Anemometry Specialists joins me to discuss the growing market for small wind and solar energy systems. We also talk about some of the legal challenges facing wind energy, specifically lawsuits involving the death of eagles and eminent domain.

Thursday, Ken Quinn with the World Food Prize is my guest as we discuss “40 Chances,” a photography exhibit by Howard Buffet now available for viewing at the World Food Prize building in downtown Des Moines.

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