How The Affordable Care Act Has Expanded Benefits For Women

obamacare approvedA lot has happened since our last Stand with Women policy call — there’s a lot to catch everyone up on.

That’s why we’re having our next call this Thursday, December 19th, at 7:00 p.m. Central Time — RSVP right now to join in.

Here’s one of the topics we’ll be covering: In November, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the Hobby Lobby case, setting up an important decision on whether women and their families — not their bosses or CEOs — can make their own health care choices about contraception and preventive care.

To dive deep into all of this, and how Obamacare has expanded benefits for women, we’ll be joined tonight by Sarah Lipton-Lubet, policy counsel in the ACLU’s Washington legislative office.

This is a great time to jump in and hear about the great work coming out of the Stand with Women campaign — and what’s coming up next.

RSVP now for the call:

Thanks — and talk to you soon,


Kaili Lambe
Women’s Issues Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action

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