This Week On The Fallon Forum: SOS Witch Hunt, Climate Change, Wind Energy, Fetal Personhood

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Secretary of State Matt Schultz knows better. He knows there is no voter fraud problem in Iowa. He knew this before he decided to spend roughly half a million dollars to disgorge 16 people (out of over 2 million voters) who voted illegally. He knows that in the rare instance when someone votes illegally it is usually a mistake.

So, what is Matt Schultz’s witch hunt really about? His campaign for governor. No, not in 2014. Schultz is smart enough not to challenge Terry Branstad in a Republican primary. (The only Republican silly enough to do that would be Bob Vander Plaats, who has found a new way to be silly and will probably announce his campaign for the U.S. Senate shortly after the first of the year. Vander Plaats will likely win that primary. Congratulations, U.S. Senate-elect Bruce Braley. But I digress).

No, Schultz is smart enough to save his gubernatorial bid for 2018. The seat will be wide open, and Schultz would have spent eight years traversing the state, getting lots of press on a non-issue that, nonetheless, polls favorably. It’s exactly what Chet Culver did as Secretary of State for eight years en route to being elected Governor in 2006, although instead of stumping to suppress the vote, Culver at least talked about improving voter turnout.

We can’t know for sure how things will play out. But one thing is certain: the office of Secretary State is pretty much a stepping stone to higher office. The only SOS in recent memory who actually cared about the job itself was Mike Mauro. Pity he got beat.

Monday, from 4:15-5:15, Des Moines attorney Joseph Glazebrook is my guest as we discuss the Secretary of State’s voter-fraud witch hunt. And I see U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (a.k.a., presidential candidate Ted Cruz) now has a coloring book. Maybe Matt Schultz should crack down on this blatant attempt to lure under-age voters to the polls.

Tuesday, at the usual time of 6:00-6:30 pm, Dr. Charles Goldman joins me, and has this to say about our conversation: “Roe v Wade may still be the law of the land, but ‘pro-life’ advocates have found new ways around it via ‘fetal personhood’ laws enforced against mothers who do unhealthy things while pregnant. In one such case, a mother was brought to court but not allowed a defense lawyer, although her fetus did have legal representation. The legal precedent for this? The Dred Scott decision of 1857.”

Wednesday, 6:00-6:30, Mike Carberry joins me to discuss the divide in the climate-change movement over nuclear power.

Thursday, 6:00-6:30, Rob Hach with the Iowa Wind Energy Association is our guest. Most of what’s happening in wind energy is extremely positive, and we’ll talk with Rob about some of the latest developments. But with any new initiative comes growing pains. Do recent lawsuits involving the death of eagles and condemnation of farmland for transmission lines throw significant wrinkles into wind energy’s forward momentum? Or are these small bumps in the road?

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