Sign The White House Petition For Free Universal Education

free education Submitted to BFIA by Danielle Holliday

Make college affordable. We need 100,000 signatures by January to get a White House response. Education is so important to equalizing opportunity. Please help.

We petition the Obama administration to:

To make knowledge and education free, a universal right, accessible to all Americans despite income, to end the debt cycle.

I believe education should be a free and a universal right. Why should it be denied to people who cannot afford it? That’s like denying a person from opportunity to improve themselves and improve the world. Public university education should be completely free, or at least community college. Knowledge should be free. We are going in debt simply because we want to be better citizens and give back to this world and this cycle of debt makes in near impossible. Removing financial limitations and life-long debt to students will promote a rise of more educated, cultured & skilled people who can in turn create jobs, businesses & become the thinkers & leaders of tomorrow; by being more responsible citizens and making the world a better place. Investing in education is investing in the economy.

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