Visa® Don't Sponsor Hate

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The anti-gay violence erupting in Russia goes against everything the Olympics stand for. But with only six months until the games are set to start, the International Olympic Committee has failed to take meaningful action to stop the violence, or even to protect the athletes and their fans during the games.

You can help spur the International Olympic Committee into action by hitting them where it really hurts– their corporate sponsors.

Add your name to the campaign demanding Olympic sponsor Visa® speak out against the human rights violations in Russia.

Visa® gladly spends marketing dollars reaching out to the LGBT community, and even put their name on the “Rainbow Platinum Plus Visa® Card.”

It’s time for Olympic sponsors like Visa® to put their mouth where their money is and stand by their support for the LGBT community when it matters most. Visa® has the power to compel the Olympic Committee to act, but only if they feel enough pressure.

It starts with adding your name to the campaign calling on Visa® to issue a statement.

Together our voices are powerful,


Andy Kelley, Online Programs Deputy and Visa® Cardholder
Democracy for America

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