BFIA Climate Change Series

Lake Macbride

Lake Macbride

For easy reference, following is a list of the author’s posts on climate change this summer.

July 16: Take Action on Climate Change.

July 18: Iowa’s Culture of Climate Change.

Aug. 6: Climate March Staff Trained by Al Gore.

Aug. 9: The Founders and Climate Change.

Aug. 12: Countdown to Labor Day.

Aug. 13: Global Warming is not a Liberal Hoax.

Aug. 14: A Case for Climate Action.

Aug. 15: Doubt and Climate Change.

Aug. 15: Dave Loebsack and Climate Change.

Aug. 16: Iowa and Climate Change.

~ Paul Deaton is a trained volunteer leader of the Climate Reality Project, a global network of more than 5,000 such volunteer leaders, founded and chaired by former vice president Al Gore. In addition to writing about the challenges of climate action, he is available to speak to groups in Iowa. To contact him, click here.

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