This Week on the Fallon Forum: Trayvon Martin, Gambling, Voting, Low Wages and More

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Today on the Fallon Forum (Monday), we dissect the ruling in the George Zimmerman case. Des Moines attorney Joseph Glazebrook joins us in the studio for that conversation, and we’ll hear from several other people with thoughtful opinions on a troubling subject with many legal and moral ramifications. We also talk with Sarai Rice of the Des Moines Area Religious Council about food security, food banks, and the food stamp program. And . . . big news on the Climate March front: the application for prospective marchers comes out today, along with a promotional video. Check it out here.

Tuesday, we kick it off with Tom Coates, discussing the many downsides of expanded gambling in Polk County. We also talk with Don Falk, an Associate Professor with the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona, about the wildfire/climate-change connection. Finally, in A New Beat on Learning, Des Moines Public Schools Superintendent, Tom Ahart, talks about a new effort to create more opportunities for middle- and high-school students to excel in sports, music and art.

Wednesday, Dr. Charles Goldman co-hosts as we claw our way through a packed agenda: (1) We return again to the U.S. Supreme Court to review its decision invalidating a key clause of the Voting Rights Act; (2) What session of the Justice Roberts court could end without a few corporation-friendly decisions? (3)  Why you might want to think about methane a bit more when you consider the global climate-change discussion; And finally . . . (4) With Des Moines residents being asked to cut-back on watering their lawns – this time not due to the lack of water but to the cost of nitrate removal – Bill Stowe of the Des Moines Waterworks joins us for a closer look as to why – and what needs to be done to address the problem.

Thursday, Gabriel de la Cerda is a candidate for U.S. Congress; he joins us to talk about his “Working Boots” campaign . . . and to answer tough questions from me and our audience. Also, McDonald’s released a promotional video telling its new low-wage hires how to “budget” their money. The video is coming under attack for all the right reasons. Check it out here. Finally, State Rep. Dan Kelley is back in the studio with us.

Friday, We talk with former head of the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, Dean Lerner, about some of the recent and controversial developments relevant to elder care. Friday is also another of our featured segments, Climate Beat, and we are in the process of lining up content for that conversation.

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