Latham Joins King In Voting To Take Overtime Pay From Workers

email inboxFound in  BFIA’s  inbox today.  Gabriel De La Cerda has declared his intention to seek the Democratic nomination for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District.

Congressman Latham Votes Against the Working Class of Iowa

Des Moines, IA – May 9th, 2013 – Congressman Tom Latham spoke loudly against workers’ rights on May 8th 2013 when he voted yea on HR 1406, “The Working Families Flexibility Act.” If this bill becomes law, private sector employers could assign overtime to those who “choose” to be paid with time off rather than those who prefer overtime pay (time and a half). If an employee works overtime and chooses the “time off” compensation, the company would have final authorization for requested days off. The flexibility – and power – is on the employer’s side, not the worker’s.

Gabriel De La Cerda had this response to the vote,

“This bill, if made law, would be a pay cut for working families all over the nation and a fundamental step backwards for workers’ rights. When Wall Street, Big Banks and Corporations have seen history-making profits, elected officials should not take money earned through overtime out of American worker’s pockets! With his vote, the quiet Congressman from Iowa’s third district made a loud statement for whom he works for and it’s not the working class of Iowa. Voters will remember in 2014.”

gabriel de la cerda
Gabriel De La Cerda for Congress

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