Loebsack: Tell House Republicans Not To Slash Medicare

loebsack banner2Dear Friend,

I want to thank all of you for your hard work this past week. After the House GOP introduced a budget that is even worse than last year’s budget, you let them know you weren’t going to stand for it.

Thousands of you signed our petition telling House Republicans not to slash Medicare. Thank you for that.  But our work isn’t done yet. GOP leadership is bringing that devastating budget to the House floor for a vote tomorrow.

We need your help again. Please forward this petition to your friends and family. Post it on your Facebook page. We need to make sure they hear us, loud and clear.

We will not stand for House Republicans balancing the budget on the backs of our seniors.

Please sign this petition and pass it along. The more signatures we collect, the louder our voices will be.

You and I both know that this budget couldn’t pass the smell test the last time Republicans introduced it, and it’s not going to pass this time either.

Let’s remind them how things looked for them when they woke up the morning after Election Day 2012.

Thank you and, as always, take care,


P.S. After you’ve signed our petition, please go to our Facebook and Twitter and make sure you follow us. I like to keep you updated and make sure you know that I’m fighting for you everyday.


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