Senator Grassley Is On The List Of Shame

Shameful, disgraceful, sad.  Whatever you want to call it, the senators on this list need to be thrown out of office for being the corporate-owned scammers they are, masquerading as representatives of the people.

As Iowans, we are responsible for the way our representatives in congress vote.  We elect them and send them to Washington to cast votes for and against policies that have an effect on people’s lives.  Grassley (and his fellow Republicans–  not a single Democrat) voted against the United Nations adopting global guideline recommendations for treatment of people with disabilities.

See Paul Deaton’s post yesterday for Grassley’s statement.

Click here to contact Senator Grassley

Here are the 7 Republicans who voted Yea

Lugar -IN
Ayotte -NH
Mccain -AZ
Murkowski -AK
Snowe -ME
Collins -ME


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