Limbaugh Polluting The Iowa Airwaves

We won’t repost Rush’s most recent disgusting comments, but if you’re sick of it, contact your local radio station. In Iowa Limbaugh is on the air on KCPS Burlington, WMT Cedar Rapids, WOC Quad Cities, WHO Des Moines, WDBQ Dubuque, KILR Estherville, Mason City KGLO-AM, Sheldon KIWA*, Sioux City KSCJ, Waterloo KXEL

[*Sheldon KIWA has a link to their advertisers on their website]

You can also complain to the FCC on this easy complaint form

Dave Bradley found some  advice below from a blog commenter who describes himself as a retired radio group VP.  Dave adds that  Clear Channel owns most of the stations he is on and he (Limbaugh) is part of the Premiere Radio group which is also owned by Clear Channel so the chances of him being removed even locally are probably not good because they really do not care about local.  But we should try because a couple of stations have already dropped him and advertisers are abandoning him daily.


I have seen numerous petitions on the web calling on people to contact El Rushbo’s advertisers to cancel their schedules and hit him and Premire (Clear Channel) where it hurts and that’s in the wallet. As a retired radio group VP with years of station management on my resume, here is a better suggestion. Go after the local advertisers on his show. There are very few local advertising availabilities on Rush’s show and they sell at a premium. Monitor the Rush station, make a list of the local advertisers and do the following:

1. Call the advertiser, be polite.
2. Write a letter to the advertiser, be polite.
3. Copy the station and the FCC with the advertiser letter.
4. Politely call the General Manager of the station,tell the GM what you are doing and why, tell them you have contacted the advertiser and copied the FCC.
5. If the local advertiser uses an agency, contact the agency, as well.Just ask the local business, if they use an agency.

It won’t take many letters and phone calls to get their attention and remind the station that the letters need to be placed in the station’s public file. (the public file is an FCC requirement)

Local stations don’t get many local avails in Rush’s show and many pay a huge fee to Premire to run the show.If they start losing business because of that asshole, they will raise hell with Premire.

If KFI in LA got a hundred letters with follow up phone calls it would get their attention very quickly. The key is to put on the pressure through the local advertisers.

Someone would have to listen to get a list of local advertisers for that show. There will probably not be many as that is the way the contract for the show is set up.

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4 Responses to Limbaugh Polluting The Iowa Airwaves

  1. Cynthia says:

    I would like to get a list of WMT in Cedar Rapids advertisers without having to listen to Rush’s show…any suggestions?


  2. Trish Nelson says:

    Cynthia, we don’t know of another way but if you find out something let us know! Trish


  3. Cynthia says:

    I heard one local vendor during a break of the Limbaugh show. It is a start!!
    Liberty Safes and Coins Ad on the Rush show today.
    Liberty Safes and Coins
    1950 Dodge Rd. N.E.
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
    (319) 981-9199

    Please share other local vendors, if you hear it. Thanks


  4. Trish says:

    Thanks, Cynthia. We tried the URL, didn’t work as above – here’s the full URL to their website –


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