Which Bills Beat The Funnel?

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Which bills beat the funnel?

Friday was the first funnel date at the Iowa statehouse – the date by which a bill must pass out of its first committee.

Here is how key legislation we are tracking stands:

Bills that beat the funnel and are still in play:

HF 2092 – Year Round Farmers Markets (CCI supports)
SF 2161 – Earned Income Tax Credit (CCI supports)
HF 589 – Ag-Gag (CCI opposes)
SF 2172 – Kibbie’s Factory Farm Loophole Bill (CCI opposes)
HF 2156 – E-Verify immigration Bill (CCI opposes)
HF 2274 – Corporate Property Tax Reform (CCI opposes)

Bills that did not beat the funnel:

HF 28 – Local Control (CCI supports)
SF 388 – Payday Loan Interest Rate Caps (CCI supports)
HF 129 – Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections – VOICE (CCI supports)
HF 2060 – Wage Theft (CCI supports)
HF 2192 – IOWA Act (CCI supports)
HF 2271 – Banning Corporate Political contributions (CCI supports)
HF 2041 – Construction Contractor Registration changes (CCI opposes)
HSB 582/SSB3086 – Voter ID (CCI opposes)
HF 2029 – Employer Advocacy Council (CCI opposes)
HF 2199/SF 2116 – Rulemaking Rolling Review (CCI opposes)
HF 2030/HF 2200 – Legislative Rule Approval (CCI opposes)

Here is The Des Moines Register’s lists of bills that are alive and dead for the session.

Alive –   http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20120225/NEWS09/302250013/1011/NEWS10/Bills-still-alive-session

Dead – http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20120225/NEWS09/302250014/1011/NEWS10



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