How To End A War Before It Starts

Ed Flaherty

War With Iran is Senseless

There has been no “winner” in our war in Iraq. There would be no winners in any war with Iran. If there were ever a time for diplomacy, it is now. If there were ever a time for arrogance and self-righteousness, it is NOT now.

How utterly absurd it would be to go to war because of the insecurity of Israel (which possesses over 200 nuclear weapons) based on Iran’s purported striving for nuclear weapons. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said earlier this month there is no indication of Iran having a nuclear weapon program.

It’s time for citizens to spend a couple minutes and call President Obama, Senators Harkin & Grassley, and Representatives Loebsack and Braley and insist they throw cold water on anything that may lead to war with Iran. This is truly the time for renewing diplomatic talks with Iran. It’s also time to promise Israel that the $3 Billion military aid which we give them annually will stop immediately if it attacks Iran. Israel must also know that the US will no longer automatically veto in the UN Security Council any action that Israel happens not to like.

Wars are easy to start and hard to end. Let’s end this one before it starts.

[Update:  Please call the President (202 456-1111), Sen. Harkin (202 224-3254), Sen. Grassley (202 224-3744), Representative Steve King (202.225.4426), Representative Tom Latham (202-225-5476), Representative Boswell (202-225-3806), Representative Loebsack (202 225-6576) and Representative Braley (202 225-2911)]


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