Vote NO on New Nuclear Power in Iowa

Nuclear Power? No Thanks

The 2012 legislative session is only a few days away, convening on Jan. 9.  HF561/SF390 is still active and enables utility companies to charge their ratepayers before a new nuclear reactor would produce any electricity in Iowa.

MidAmerican Energy has stated it will cost ratepayers at least an additional 10 percent of their monthly electricity bill for every $1 billion the energy company spends on the plant.  This is comparable to imposing a new tax and  MidAmerican Energy should be required to invest its own money into this dangerous project– not receive subsidies from ratepayers in addition to subsidies from tax payers.

The bill also changes the way the Iowa Utilities Board would regulate nuclear power.  There is no justifiable reason to give nuclear power an unfair advantage over other sources of electricity. Nuclear power should be required to succeed or fail on its own merits.

Tell your Iowa Senator to vote NO on any legislation that enables additional nuclear power in Iowa or enables utilities to charge its customers before electricity from a new power plant is produced.

Click here to Ask Your Iowa State Senator to Vote NO on HF 561/SF390

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