Rodger Routh Interviews Sara Anne Willette

Before we hear from Sara Anne Willette, please participate in this mask mandate poll by calling Governor Reynolds’ office. Who knows, maybe a little cover will help her do the right thing.

The governor’s office is taking a poll about the mask mandate: 515-281-5211. Listen to the options then hit 4 – Then to register that your support a full mask mandate select 1 and leave a message – “Yes, please do a full mask mandate.”

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1 Response to Rodger Routh Interviews Sara Anne Willette

  1. A.D. says:

    What the frack kind of Iowa gubernatorial poll is sneakily conducted under the media radar, unless a certain kind of outcome is being arranged? I have NEVER heard of this poll, and I follow four Iowa newspapers and watch local TV news.

    On the other hand, what fun it was to see Reynolds’ photo in the NEW YORK TIMES today, not for good reasons. And the story was great. It didn’t make Iowans look terribly bright, but given what’s happening here, that’s understandable.


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