Sunday Funday: Don’t Forget To Vote Edition!

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A gentle reminder that Iowa’s primary vote officially takes place this Tuesday, June 2nd. Or perhaps it would be best said that Tuesday is your last chance to vote, since absentee balloting has been available for the past month. You can find your polling place here.   This year it may be a good idea to check the SoS website to see where you vote as it has been reported that fewer polling locations will be open because a lighter in person vote is expected and poll workers will be hard to get.

If you sent in an absentee ballot, you can check to see if the auditor got it here.    

We need our best candidates out there for the general election this fall! 

Can it get any worse? Maybe I shouldn’t say that.

  1. The nation took a diversion from its focus on the coronavirus when a video of a policeman choking what black man to death in Minneapolis went viral?
  1. What country had its last remaining Covid-19 patient released from the hospital last week?
  1. What Asian nation reimposed restrictions as Covid-19 numbers spiked as they attempted limited reopening?
  1. The current president threatened and then produced an executive order aimed at throttling what social media giant?
  1. Historically, the coming week in June has been significant. June 5, 1968 what presidential candidate is shot late at night in California? He died early the next dy.
  1. Down in Springfield, Mo. two Covid-19 positive hairstylists were reported to have exposed about how many customers to the virus over the past to to three weeks?
  1. What Republican Party leader retweeted a tweet where the speaker stated “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat”?
  1. What Iowa congress member continues to insist they will get committee assignments back if they are re-elected this fall?
  1. Saturday will be the 76th anniversary of what major turning point in WWII?
  1. What major radio pundit says his cancer may force him off the air in the very near future?
  1. Claims for unemployment insurance passed what milestone number this week?
  1. In Iowa, when will casinos and amusement parks be allowed to reopen?
  1. A life threatening syndrome linked to Covid-19, MIS-C, is showing up in what specific group of humans?
  1. What major Republican legislative leader posted a picture on instagram wearing a protective mask, thus breaking with the current Republican orthodoxy?
  1. Tuesday the current president mused during a short press conference whether or not he should be taking what diabetic medication?
  1. With only three month before the opening gavel, the current president threatened to pull the Republican Convention out of what state?
  1. June 7, 1965 in the case of Griswold v. Connecticut, SCOTUS struck down a Connecticut law that banned what very private marital practice?
  1. A manned rocket launch by what private company was scrubbed Wednesday due to weather in the Cape Kennedy area?
  1. Surprisingly Tuesday the DoJ dropped investigations of insider trading of three senators including what Georgia senator married to the head of the NYSE?
  1. Walmart is partnering with internet platform ThredUp to sell what online?
Trump tore up Obama pandemic play book

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  1. George Floyd
  1. New Zealand
  1. South Korea – a small spike by our standards but enough to make them jump
  1. Twitter. Twitter fact checked a couple of his tweets
  1. Robert Kennedy
  1. 140
  1. The current president
  1. Steve King 
  1. D-Day
  1. Rush Limbaugh
  1. 40 million total
  1. Tomorrow
  1. Children – the syndrome is “Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children” (MIS-C)
  1. Moscow Mitch McConnell
  1. Insulin
  1. North Carolina
  1. Contraception
  1. Space-X – a part of Elon Musk’s empire
  1. Georgia’s Kelly Loefler
  1. Used clothing

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  1. C.A. says:

    I used to mail newsletters from one Iowa town to other Iowa towns, and I got used to fast mail service. As I found out the hard way when requesting an absentee ballot last month, more time needs to be allowed now. If you want to vote by mail, allow plenty of time.


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