Do You Get It Now? Elections Have Consequences!

So many people sat out the last presidential election. We all know that the more people vote the greater the chance that Democrats will win. Now as the corona virus infects exponentially more Americans daily it should be very clear that the when Democrats are elected, the government functions much better and more for we the people.

This next election is not one that anyone can afford to sit out. Hopefully it is now abundantly clear that your own life and that of your friends and family depends on you AND your friends and family voting. Vote as if your life depends on it, because we have truly found out that it does!

Since January 20, 2017 I have awakened with a knot in my stomach wondering what the administration will do today to dismantle a government that has taken 220 years to build. Every day they did something. Now since early February, I still have the knot in my stomach but now what I fear at awakening is how badly the administration has further bungled the response to this deadly virus. Unfortunately, every day there is more than ample reason for the knot in my stomach. 

Some day I have felt like barfing as I read the news. Accusing doctors and nurses who are literally risking their lives daily of stealing PPE and selling on the black market? How low can you go? How about companies cutting pay to doctors and nurses? What a gut punch to these heroes. Or maybe hearing that states that voted for the president are getting more equipment than they need while states that didn’t vote for the president are getting stiffed on PPE? Those are just a few things for starters. 

There is a long, long list of outrageous actions by this administration. Outspoken Trump critic and founder of the Lincoln project George Conway posted a long list on Facebook  earlier this week. No doubt there are at least another half a dozen crimes to add to the list already, such as sending PPE and medical supplies so desperately needed in the US to Thailand and China. Items that doctors and nurses and YOU desperately need o survive.

It is not only the administration. We have two senators who are little more that cartoons for the administration. One is up for election this fall. It would be a dereliction of duty to send her (Ernst) back to congress. In her most recent incarnation she is claiming she “worked diligently” for a sick leave provision in the phase 3 act that she actually voted against.  

“From her home in Red Oak, Ernst said she and Sen. Chuck Grassley “worked diligently” on all three pieces of legislation enacted to treat and mitigate the spread, and economic impact, of COVID-19.

Lost amid the list of accomplishments, however, was the vote both Iowa senators took to strip “phase two” legislation, the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act,” of its paid sick leave provision.

Ernst and Grassley were among the 50 senators to vote in favor of Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s amendment “To strike Federally mandated sick pay and paid family leave and replace it with financial support provided through the State administered unemployment insurance systems and funds.”

Let us not forget how our governor took the opportunity of the pandemic to declare abortions an “elective” surgery so she could outlaw them. Nothing like using a crisis to impose your own religious views. If Reynolds cared about Iowa and Iowans, she would do what is working in other states – that is declare a state of emergency and issue shelter in place orders. As it is, schools in Iowa are still scheduled to reopen on April 13th – a time that the pandemic could be reaching its peak (or at least A peak). We well could be the very last state to issue a shelter in place order.

I can’t help but wonder just how different, how extremely different, the situation would be had more people voted and instead of the Clown Car that is running the state and country we had leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Bruce Braley, Patty Judge and Fred Hubbell instead. 

Imagine if someone with the experience of Hillary Clinton was warned in early January about such an outbreak. With her experience as First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State who had dealt with crises including ebola, you can be sure her response would have been immediate, strong and thorough. While the virus may have penetrated the US it probably would not have gotten very far.

Imagine if Iowa had elected Bruce Braley as their senator instead of the order following Joni Ernst. Braley would be keeping us informed of what was really happening not spinning like a tornado trying to make the press forget the mistakes made that have led to this mess.

What if Fred Hubbell were in charge in Iowa? What a night and day difference there would be in the state’s response. Given Hubbell’s experience in both business and governmental committees we could easily think that Hubbell would have been aggressive in his approach to the virus. I am sure we’d have been on lockdown long ago. Hubbell would be working closely with doctors, nurses and scientist to create a plan for the state. Reynolds wastes the state’s precious time and resources disputing scientists on projections instead of working to stop them.  

Had people got out and voted in those elections, our fate may well be much different. 

Remember, when election time comes around this year we need to vote as if your life depends on it. We have now been shown that it literals does.

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