If This Is Your First Caucus

It’s caucus time.  February 3rd. The moment we’ve been waiting for.

In November 2018 our votes made it possible to take back the House of Representatives which allowed impeachment of this accidental president.  In November 2020 we must take back the Senate, The White House, and the Iowa legislature. We have to stop the Republicans from continuing their march of corporate greed, environmental degradation and knocking down the pillars of Democracy. To borrow a cliche, let’s do this!

Over the weekend the IDP rolled out thecaucuses.org, a website specifically for helping folks participate in the Iowa caucuses. It is a very user-friendly site where you can click on a separate box if you are a caucus goer, a caucus leader or press.  If you click on caucus goer, you will see Caucus #101 in 4 easy steps including how to find your caucus location. You can sign up in advance to save time on caucus night or request an accommodation.  They have also provided a caucus hotline 800# and an FAQ page.   Please check out this site if you have never attended a caucus before or even if you have.

From our inbox: Here is an important caucus message from the Iowa Democratic Party

Today we’re launching our online hub for the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses! You can find all the information you will need to prepare for caucus night in one central hub — from making sure you’re a registered Democrat to confirming your caucus location and more — at thecaucuses.org.

Caucuses represent the purest form of democracy in action. They’re gatherings of neighbors where Democrats meet to organize their precinct for the upcoming election, discuss important issues, and declare their Presidential preference.

And in 2020, the caucuses couldn’t be more important because they are the first official step in the presidential nominating process — and it’s our first opportunity to take back our state and our country.

The eyes of the nation — and the world — will be on Iowa’s caucuses on Feb 3rd, 2020. The future of our country is up to us, and so many are counting on us. That’s why it’s so imperative you participate in the caucuses!!

Visit our brand new online hub for the Iowa caucuses — the caucuses.org — to get all the information you need for caucus night!

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  1. Steve Hanken says:

    I just tried the web site and once I got on the page and went to the box for early registration and clicked on it I was sent to an empty page. Same for location of caucus, another blank page.


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