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This week comes to an end with our current president once again – ONCE AGAIN mind you – being accused of some sort of major breach of security. Does it rise to the level of treason? So far we don’t know, because the administration has defied the whistleblower laws and so far squashed the required turning over of evidence to Congress. 

A while blower apparently from one of the security agencies overheard something that caused great alarm. Evidence was turned over to the Director of National Intelligence who in turn is supposed to relay it to the proper committee(s) in Congress. Is this why former DNI head Dan Coates left suddenly last month to be replaced by a person much more loyal to the president and not loyal to the country and its laws.

At almost the same time former Trump campaign chair Corey Lewandowski tried his best to make a mockery of a legitimate and legal inquiry into corruption and conspiracy with Russia by the Trump campaign. Lewandowski’s performance was that of a criminal who acts as if he knows he will get a pardon for any criminal acts he will commit from the big boss.

The smirk on his face was that of a spoiled toddler. Undermining congress’s power to investigate totally undermines the ability to make laws to fix problems. The administration’s refusal to enforce laws and going so far as to openly and proudly break laws certainly undermines the whole premise of the country.

Meanwhile the administration is on what seems to be a war on our environment and a war on the coming generations by ruining the very planet on which they live. Logging in the Tongass National Forest and allowing oil exploration in the ANWR National Reserve are glaring examples of the pure disdain that the administration has for our environment and the low regard they have for future generations. 

Add in the strange, just plain strange legal fight they have initiated with California trying to force California to lower vehicle gas mileage standards. The strange part of this is that if companies lower vehicle mileages, their cars will be unsaleable in foreign markets.

And of course the master stroke of putting totally incompetent, highly prejudiced judges whose loyalty is to Trump and not to country, in office for life. Thus the chances of the Courts acting as the disinterested third party able to legitimately decide conflicts between the administration and anyone. This surely makes the administration much harder to hold accountable for for their policies. Count Grassley and Ernst as proud contributors to this policy.

There are Republicans in congress who seem to cower like whipped dogs at the very mention of Trump’s name. For what is supposed to be an equal branch of government, Republican congress critters act much more like Trump employees or wait staff than equal members of government. You can see the fear on their faces.

I get so pissed off when I hear one of the corporate pundits ( and yes this at NPR also) talk about the “Congress” as one body that won’t face up to problems. It is not “Congress” that won’t face up to problems, it is Republicans. Those Republicans not only refuse to face problems, they actively OBSTRUCT and attempt to even investigate problems.

“Congress” isn’t stopping trying to make our elections more transparent – Republicans are! “Congress” isn’t stopping common sense gun laws, Republicans are! “Congress isn’t driving the country into huge debts, republicans are! Do you get it pundits and people? “Congress” is not the problem, Republicans in congress are.

Republicans are now in the business of creating problems and then exploiting them for campaign donations. It is a little game they are playing. They purposely refused to even consider fixing the immigration system. Now they sue the broken system coupled with their own brand of racism as one of their top fund raising tools. 

The administration with no push back from spineless republican congress critters has dismantled trade agreements with little idea what to do after that. They are in the process of dismantling longstanding defense agreements with little thought as to the consequences. As the president canoodles with dictators, wasting our treasure and our long built up good will, his party in congress does nothing.

Finally for today let’s talk about guns and our kids. Our kids are back in school. In our culture today they become a captive group for crazies in America who can buy weapons of war to carry out some kind of dystopian dream of revenge or something.  Rights in our constitution have had limits placed on them when the extension of the right causes harm to society. Except for the second amendment.

Yet Republicans in congress spinelessly regurgitate the talking points of their major under, the NRA, and refuse to do anything to help our children and grandchildren. Ask Joni Ernst. She pretends to be a second amendment absolutist. She is one of the people to blame for the next Sandy Hook, the next El Paso, the next Las Vegas.

If Joni Ernst doesn’t have the spine to stand up to the gun lobby, then she shouldn’t have a job where a spine should be required.

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