Sunday Funday: Yay For The Chosen One Edition


We stepped out of our comfort zone Thursday and into the lair of the enemy last Thursday when we accepted an invitation to a round table given by Iowans For Tax Relief. Not sure why we chose to go, but lunch was provided.

If you are unfamiliar with ITR it is a group that was founded in Muscatine 40+ years ago by David Stanley. They are a very right wing organization.

While the luncheon was political, it was in no way as rabid as some meetings can get. There were 3 local legislators bragging about how they saved taxes before taking questions. The question time gave us a couple of interesting moments.

The first was when an older man stood up and declared “only one politician has ever done me any good and that is Donald J. Trump!” In a room of about 50 of what I assume were Trump’s base only one person clapped at that statement. This from a group that should be his base and that had been applauding rather vigorously throughout the day.

The other was a rather strange Q & A about the need to fix roads. While there seemed to be total agreement roads needed to be fixed there seemed to be no desire to raise taxes to do so. Well at least that is what I took from the conversation.

The food could sure have been better, BTW. 

  1. If your on a world trip for the current administration, there is a good chance you will stay overnight at what resort in Scotland?
  1. The 2nd Circuit Federal Appeals Court Friday reinstated CREW’s emoluments lawsuit against who?
  1. Republican Texas legislator Briscoe Cain made headlines Thursday night when he threatened what Democratic presidential candidate with a tweet that said “my AR15 is ready for you”?
  1. Rep. Jerrold Nadler of NY raised American spirits this week when his House Judiciary Committee would begin what?
  1. He either quit or was fired. Either way what National Security Advisor left his job last week?
  1. Firings were threatened in retaliation to NOAA forecasters who contradicted The Chosen One’s Alabama hurricane tweets by what current cabinet secretary?
  1. Typhoon Faxai hit what major world city last Sunday and Monday?
  1. 75 years ago today – September 15th, 1944 – American troops first crossed the border of what European country?
  1. Unlike other states that are cancelling their primaries and caucuses what group in Iowa says they will hold their scheduled caucus?
  1. Officially, The Chosen One picked up a third challenger when what former governor announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination?
  1. Wednesday federal prosecutors recommended that what former second in command at the FBI should face criminal charges?
  1. Not nearly responsible for as many deaths as AR15s, yet the administration is readying a ban on an aspect of what current bad habit?
  1. What neighboring country kicked off a six week election cycle leading up to an October 21st national election?
  1. Using a ruse to fool Democrats that the legislature would not hold votes during 9/11 memorial services, what state’s Republicans over rode the governor’s budget veto?
  1. Also on this date in 1916, what mobile fortress military vehicle made its first appearance in combat at the Battle of the Somme?
  1. The Chosen One made a short trip to what city he had previously described as a “rat and rodent infested mess”?
  1. The administration announced it would not extend temporary protected status to citizens fleeing from what storm ravaged country?
  1. Which pharmaceutical company reached a collective settlement concerning its role in the opioid epidemic?
  1. Who claims that LED lights give his skin an orange glow?
  1. And once more the current administration is rolling back an Obama era environmental rule, this time on what?

Republicans on e-cigarettes:“We want a ban!”

Republicans on abortion:“We want a ban!”

Republicans on immigration:“We want a ban!”

Republicans on trans military members:“We want a ban!”

Republicans on gay marriage:“We want a ban!”

Republicans on guns: “BANS DON’T WORK!!!” – Andrea Junker


  1. The Chosen One’s Turnberry golf resort in Scotland
  1. The Chosen One
  1. Beto O’Rourke
  1. An impeachment inquiry
  1. John Bolton
  1. Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross
  1. Tokyo
  1. Nazi Germany
  1. The Republican Party. Sure would be funny if you know who lost.
  1. Mark Sanford of South Carolina
  1. Andrew McCabe
  1. Vaping
  1. Canada
  1. North Carolina
  1. The tank
  1. Baltimore
  1. The Bahamas
  1. Purdue
  1. The Chosen One
  1. Clean Water Protections

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