A Clear And Present Danger To The Republic

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Ran across this article about our current president on a website called The National Memo.  

The writer, Joe Conason is the editor in chief of the National Memo. Conason has been around for quite a while and is well respected in progressive circles. In this article Conason considers whether the president’s actions are bizarre due to some innate problems or if there is actually a “method to his madness.”

The whole article is short and worth the time to click over and read it. Here are some excerpts:

“Whenever Donald Trump makes a remark that embarrasses our country before the world, conventional analysis suggests that this is yet another instance of his infantile narcissism. So we were told again when the president of the United States insulted Denmark, one of the founding nations of NATO and a dedicated American ally, by canceling his scheduled trip to meet with the Danish prime minister — supposedly because she had deemed his scheme to buy Greenland “absurd,” which of course it is.


We consider Trump’s behavior bizarre because it is so incongruous with what we expect from an American president — whose sworn duty, after all, is to act in the national interest. But what if he is consciously acting against the national interest?  That disturbing question arises again and again, as it did during the Russia investigation, because almost everything Trump does can be viewed as inimical to the nation. The Danish incident is only the latest example in the long list that shows a certain method to his supposed “madness.”

In one way or another, Trump has denigrated or undermined American relationships with nearly all of our traditional allies, sometimes repeatedly. He has complained publicly about the French, the Germans, the British, the Australians, to name a few of the most important, and slammed the European Union as a trading and military partner. Indeed, he has strenuously sought to destroy the EU while befriending the so-called populist far right — the heirs of our fascist enemy. That approach to European affairs just happens to coincide perfectly with the political aims of the Russian Federation.

At home, Trump never stops promoting the same divisive themes that pollute our political system, courtesy of the Russian bots sent by his friend Vladimir Putin. For some reason, Trump won’t allow anyone to record his meetings with Putin as would normally be the case. Perhaps he doesn’t want anyone to hear the Russian dictator expressing appreciation for Trump’s long campaign to undermine the FBI counter-intelligence division, which exists to thwart Kremlin espionage.

But then Trump has sought to discredit and disorganize the entire intelligence apparatus of the United States, most recently with his attempted appointment of a lunatic Congressman from Texas as the director of national intelligence. Putin must also be quite grateful for Trump’s systematic effort to destroy American diplomatic capacity, by appointing non-entities to run the State Department while leaving half of its posts unfilled.”

Conason gives many more examples of the incongruous nature of the president’s actions. Putting such behaviors all together in one place really makes it look like a pattern and thus purposeful. 

These are scary thoughts. We are now living in very scary times that seemed only possible in the world of bad fiction. 

Conason leaves something very important out of his article. That is the often vociferous defense or the quiet acceptance of these bizarre actions by his party. The Republican Party has almost to a person willingly sold their souls to be seen as one with the president. What was once the Republican Party is now the Trumpublican Party.

In the past several months we have seen Party members openly and proudly do all they can to stop investigations into what many would consider treason by the president. This must not be forgotten when we go to the polls next year. 

The one rotten member at the top is not the singular bad actor in that party. Nearly every elected official from the courthouse to the US Senate and House and state governors have been more than willing to stop any meaningful investigation of this president. This must be a part of every election campaign next fall. 

One other question I heard brought up on a radio program last week in regard to actions by this president is whether or not he may be making statements that will cause the stock market bounce up and down like a yo-yo. Once again this is seemingly unthinkable. Yet we have no access to his financial records. Knowledge of anticipated big swings in the stock market can be extremely lucrative to those who know what to do with it. One statement on China and the stock market goes crazy, but someone with foreknowledge may be making a killing

So many things that were once in the realm of fiction are now sadly coming true.

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  1. Trish Nelson says:

    Excellent article. I would respond that it seems like in the American political dialogue, we have trouble grasping the idea of more than one thing being true at the same time. In the context of Conason’s piece, after he makes his case that Trump is purposely trying to take down the country, he poses the question of whether Trump is “mad” or “is there a method to Trump’s madness.” The fact is that both things are true. He is both a very sick human being and is also “consciously acting against the national interest.” I find it extremely frustrating that it is taking the media and punditry so long to figure this out when it is so obvious.


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