Corporate Anti-Science Tactics Similar To Political Propaganda

Some corporations manipulate science to hide the truth about faulty or dangerous products.  No different than political propaganda, they rely on the similar tactics.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has identified these tactics and given them a name, the “Disinformation Playbook.”

Here are five of the most widely used “plays” identified by UCSUSA which have been used to block regulations or minimize corporate liability, often resulting in negative consequences for  public health and safety.

Video links are included for more about each of these tactics.

Visit the UCS website for famous examples of how these tactics have been used by big corporations.

According to UCSUSA, the five major disinformation strategies are the Fake, the Blitz, the Diversion, the Screen and the Fix.  You will recognize some of these tactics used by Fox News and other political propaganda outlets, and of course by Trump.

The Fake – Conducting “counterfeit” science and passing it off as legitimate.

The Blitz – Harass scientists who speak out about unfavorable results.

The Diversion
– Manufacture uncertainty where little or none exists.

The Screen
– Buy credibility through alliances with academia or professional societies.

The Fix
– Manipulate government officials to influence policy.

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