Sunday Funday: Parkland Memorial Edition

Very sad to remember that a year ago this coming Thursday it will be a year since the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, Florida. One good thing this week is that Democrats in control of the House  have convened the first hearings on gun reform to take place in eight years. While many folks cite the statistic that over 30,000 Americans lose their lives to guns every year, don’t forget that over 100,000 are injured by guns yearly. These are people whose lives are often shattered. Many end up on medicaid and some kind of government aid through no fault of their own.

Below is a video of one of the biggest jerks in the congress – no the country – Matt Gaetz of Florida who tried to hijack the gun reform hearing to try to blame all of America’s ills on immigrants. In the audience were two of the parents of students of MSDHS who died a year ago. 

Even Dear Leader would have a hard time beating that jerkiness – whoops I forgot about his mockery of the disabled.

  1. Where in the constitution is “presidential harassment” mentioned?
  1. It almost seems like a year ago already. Who won the Super Bowl last Sunday?
  1. By now we all know that Ralph Northam is the governor of what state?
  1. The deadline for congress to come up with a budget resolution to avoid another shutdown is midnight on what day?
  1. What longest serving congress member in history died Thursday in Michigan?
  1. Once again CSPAN garnered big viewership Friday for a committee hearing for what cabinet official?
  1. Iowa Republicans last week unveiled a plan that would politicize what process that has been cited as one of the best non-partisan processes in the country?
  1. What administration spokes person claimed that she was assaulted in a Maryland restaurant by a woman last year?
  1. In what looks like will be a very involved conspiracy, Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos claims what tabloid attempted to blackmail him?
  1. Pity the poor rich man. Potential presidential candidate Howard Schultz no longer wishes to be referred to as a what?
  1. Female Democratic members of congress for the most part dressed in what color for the State of the Union address?
  1. The invention of the cotton gin in 1793 greatly increased slavery in this country. What is a “gin?”
  1. The newly elected governor of what border state withdrew her state’s national guard from the border?
  1. What high administration official enjoys large segments of “executive time” daily which often includes watching TV and calling friends?
  1. Having addicted millions to the Oxycontin drug, what pharmaceutical company considered capitalizing on the anti-addiction treatment boom that was created?
  1. In Texas a 24 year old man died when what exploded and a shard metal severed his carotid artery?
  1. The Southern District of New York is investigating the committee that planned what event for Dear Leader?
  1. A powerful response to the State of the Union was delivered by what up and coming politician?
  1. Chinese New Year was last Tuesday. This is the year of what animal?
  1. Here you go historians. What anti-slavery state was admitted to the union with Missouri to keep the pro-slavery, anti-slavery balance among states?
enquirer investigates itself

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  1. Ummmm – nowhere – or the same place as the president being above the law.
  1. New England Patriots
  1. Virginia
  1. Next Friday, February 15th
  1. John Dingell
  1. Acting AG Matt Whitaker
  1. Judicial nominations 
  1. Kellyanne Conway
  1. The National Enquirer
  1. A billionaire. Guess it has bad connotations
  1. White – in commemoration of suffragettes a century ago 
  1. “Gin” in this use is a shortening of the word engine
  1. New Mexico – Michelle Lujan Grisham. Called it a “charade of border fear mongering.”
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Purdue Pharmaceutical
  1. A vape pen – the battery exploded.
  1. The inauguration
  1. Stacey Abrams
  2. Pig
  1. Maine
Brian Krassenstein:

Today Rep. @tedlieu submitted the US Constitution to the record as proof that it does not say a sitting US president can not be indicted. This followed Matt Whitaker refusing to acknowledge such.

Ted Lieu is AWESOME!


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