Zach Wahls First Speech In The Iowa Senate

Zach Wahls is a young man with a lot of promise. His first speech on the Iowa State Senate floor Wednesday did nothing to dispel that notion.

Senator Wahls speaks of an encounter with homeless man in Iowa when the actual temperature lingers near -32 degrees. The man describes warming centers and places where he could sleep as not really fit to sleep in due to bugs and sanitation.

Senator Wahls then ends with some questions and observations he drew from this encounter. 

Surely anyone who hears this speech will be thinking of many of the same questions – where are our priorities when there are people who are homeless must risk death during the extreme weather? How do we as a state justify huge tax cuts for those who have much when there are many among that can barely afford food or shelter? 

Good start, Senator Wahls. Keep asking those questions that should make the comfortable uncomfortable. And please keep looking for solutions!

About Dave Bradley

retired in West Liberty
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