Sinclair Must-See Segments Intended To Create Fear And Influence Elections

Have you ever thought about what it would take to make you want to run out of the United States on foot to Canada taking nothing more than what you could carry?  And what if you had only flip flops for shoes or no shoes at all?  We in the United States can’t even imagine it. What circumstances would be bad enough to make you not only think about fleeing the country, but actually do it?

News stories do not tend to focus on what exactly is going on that is causing people to run for their lives.  It’s always, “oh look at the violence and drama going on at the border!”  Looping video of people running, American soldiers, making it look like a war scene.  Then little to no information laying out what the circumstances are that are causing people to choose to flee their country on foot.

And that’s the mainstream media.  The right wing propaganda outlets show pretty much the same pictures and video. But they use the scene to stir up fear and anger in viewers by calling people fleeing for their lives an “invasion.”  Now we not only have right wing radio blanketing the publicly owned airwaves around the country and in Iowa, Sinclair Broadcasting has taken over the parallel television markets, and their corporate CEO is requiring local stations to broadcast right wing narratives.


from Media Matters for America:

Sinclair Broadcasting, an arm of the right wing propaganda machine, focusing on swing states in rural America is characterizing a large group of poor, desperate, barefoot families  running for their lives as an “invasion.”  Sinclair’s latest “must-run” defends tear-gassing migrant children, warns of an “attempted invasion”

Sinclair’s Boris Epshteyn: “The fact of the matter is that this is an attempted invasion of our country. Period.”

On November 26, Sinclair chief political analyst and former Trump aide Boris Epshteyn released a new “must-run” segment for the company that defended the use of tear gas on these families and attempted to stoke fear, saying the group of migrants is “attempting to storm” the border in an “attempted invasion of our country.”

Watch the video here:

Here is a link to a list of all Sinclair Stations in U.S., followed by the list of Iowa stations:

Iowa Sinclair Stations:

  • Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Dubuque:
    • KGAN (CBS)
    • KFXA (Fox)
  • Des Moines-Ames:
    • KDSM (Fox)
  • Ottumwa, Iowa/Kirksville, Missouri:
    • KTVO (ABC)
  • Sioux City:
    • KPTH (Fox)
    • KPTH-2 (MyTV)
    • KMEG (CBS)
  • Omaha stations that broadcast into Iowa:
    • KPTM and KXVO

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