Sunday Funday: Individual One Edition

saved us from lettuce, now guns

We now have a dilemma at Sunday Funday: do we continue to refer to the current president as Dear Leader or do we use the newer and maybe more descriptive nomenclature of the Special Counsel’s Office “Individual One?” I must admit that “Individual One” has a real appeal to it. “Individual One” certainly connotes the current legal – uh – quagmire that that person finds himself in. Yet “Dear Leader” certainly has that inference of the overinflated view that our wannabe dictator has of himself.

For right now I believe we shall stick with “Dear Leader” although the lure of switching to what I am sure will become a very popular title for the current president. News organizations and media in general will be adopting “Individual One” as his appellation when his status as “Indicted” comes closer.

And you thought writing a quiz was easy?

Wow, what a week!

  1. The meeting was on, then it was off, then one insisted they meet. So what world leaders did meet at the G20 this weekend?
  1. Despite fairly overt racist messages during her campaign, Cindy Hyde-Smith won the senate seat in Mississippi. What Iowa senator campaigned for Smith in the last week?
  1. Dear Leader reacted loudly when what auto company announced they would close several manufacturing plants and lay off thousands?
  1. One of the problems the above auto company cited is the cost of steel which has been dramatically driven higher because of what?
  1. In a bit of a surprise, Iowa state auditor Mary Mossiman produced an audit on what controversial subject in Iowa?
  1. A scientist from what country announced that he had altered the embryos of twin girls to make them resistant to HIV?
  1. In the Netherlands a church service has been going on for over 800 hours in order to stop what? 
  1. In a bit of a surprise, the administration is planning to announce the ban of what NRA favorite accessory?
  1. He’s a double- no triple – maybe a quadruple agent. Who agreed to a plea arrangement from Mueller, yet continued to report to Dear Leader’s lawyers?
  1. NASA landed a spacecraft where earlier this week?
  1. Not quite all the counting from the election is over, but it looks like the Democrats will be picking up at least how many seats?
  1. What lower level operative in the Russia scandal entered federal prison for a two week stay last Monday?
  1. “Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 – a date that will live in infamy” began a speech by what world leader?
  1. Despite a threat of revolt from within who won overwhelmingly to lead the Democratic Party in the US House for the next session?
  1. The National Climate Assessment predicted that climate change will cost the US about how much money per year if nothing is done?
  1. For the 3rd year in a row, life expectancy in the US has gone down. What are the 2 major factors in this trend?
  1. Farm bill negotiators in the US House dropped what contentious portion of the bill in hopes of getting it passed?
  1. National Security Advisor John Bolton refused to listen to the recording of the death of Jamal Khashoggi because of what?
  1. Stephan Hillenburg died this week at the age of 57. Hillenburg is best known for creating what cartoon character?
  1. A treaty between the US, Canada and Mexico was signed in Argentina Friday. Which of these countries changed leadership yesterday?

Andy Borowitz on facebook:

“The one part of Trump’s Presidency I’m looking forward to is the sentencing phase.”

This is another situation where “me too” is appropriate.


  1. Dear Leader and his boss Vlad Putin
  1. Joni Ernst
  1. General Motors
  1. Dear Leader’s tariff policies
  1. Privatized Medicaid
  1. China
  1. The deportation of a family back to Armenia. They have lived in Holland for 8 years.
  1. Bump stocks
  1. Paul Manafort
  1. Mars
  1. 40
  1. George Papadopoulos
  1. FDR the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor
  1. Nancy Pelosi
  1. $500 billion
  1. Suicide and drug overdose
  1. Work requirements for food stamps
  1. He (Bolton) couldn’t speak Arabic. (what BS)
  1. Sponge Bob Square Pants
  1. Mexico. Lopez-Obrador became president following the election he won last July.
argument to legalize marijuana

something to consider!

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