Jill Stein Campaign Wins Recount Settlement

Say what you will about Jill Stein.  She deserves credit for having done something good for the country that needed done that nobody else was going to do.


“Today, Green Party 2016 Presidential nominee Jill Stein announced the formal settlement of her 2016 lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania. The lawsuit called for an end to the use of paperless voting machines known to be vulnerable to hacking, tampering and error, and for the reform of unworkable recount procedures that prevent verification of the vote. The settlement guarantees that Pennsylvania will provide new voting systems using paper ballots by 2020, followed in 2022 by automatic robust audits after every election to confirm the accuracy of the vote before results are certified.

…the Stein campaign and the 2016 recount team have called for a nonpartisanCitizen Commission for Election Protection & Voting Justice to push for urgently needed follow-on reforms –  including an end to voter suppression, gerrymandering and barriers to voting, and the adoption of open debates, ranked choice voting and proportional representation, public financing of elections, fair access to the ballot, and rigorous chain of custody laws to safeguard ballots cast.”

The Stein campaign is still in court in Wisconsin, where they have established the right to examine key voting machine software for evidence of tampering or errors that could compromise an election. The Stein campaign is still fighting a gag rule sought by voting machine corporations to prevent any public disclosure of the findings, a move that could bury discoveries critical to the security and accuracy of our elections.

The Stein campaign has committed to distributing any recount money left over – after recount-related litigation is completed – to election protection / voting justice organizations that will be chosen by the recount donors.

Click here to read the entire article on VotingJustice.us and the settlement agreement

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