Don’t Forget: SS And Medicare Are Republicans Next Targets

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One Of Many Big Issues In This Year’s Election.

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After cutting taxes, they want to cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for it. Make no mistake: this is on the ballot in November.


Conor Lamb: “Within 12 hours of giving away our tax dollars to the wealthy and big corporations, Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he would try to pay for it by coming after Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.”

Now that the primaries are over and the candidate questions are clarified, it is time to focus on the issues. Or at least it is for Democrats. Republicans never want to specifically discuss issues, because then they have s standard that they can be held to. Also, the solutions to issues that are popular now are mostly the Democratic positions.

So Republicans are hemmed in by their refusal to actually make a promise because their solutions to the issues that real Americans and Iowans face are extremely unpopular. So they tend to talk about being tough by using your children and your money to build a massive war machine or about loving Jesus or about cutting taxes without ever mentioning the ultimate consequences of those cuts.

This next election brings into clear focus the consequences of the totally irresponsible tax cuts passed by Republicans both at the national and state level. 

Social Security and Medicare (and Medicaid also) are among the most popular and perhaps the most ubiquitous programs ever put in. Most every family in this country has a relative or friend who has been helped through at least. One of these programs. That will not stop Republicans from doing so.

What Republicans won’t do is talk about their plans to deeply cut if not do away with these programs. In every speech this summer and fall, every Democrat must expose this plan. They must force Republicans to tell us what they plan to do and what the consequences will be at the family level. 

Democrats must also make people understand that the cuts in SS, Medicare, Medicaid and any social program is being only so that the very richest 1% can get huge tax cuts. 

Social Security Works notes in a recent email that:

On the heels of attacks by local FOX stations, the Social Security Trustees just released their annual report. It is not gloom and doom as Wall Street “investors” would like you to believe. In fact, the report shows that when millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share, we can afford to EXPAND Social Security benefits for millions of Americans.

We have the truth about Social Security. Now it’s time for action!

The new report shows that:

•Social Security continues to be extremely affordable with less than one penny of every dollar spent on administrative costs (this is a fraction of what other industrialized countries pay for similar programs); 

•Social Security can pay out ALL benefits owed for the next 16 years―until 2034―at which point it can still pay 79% of benefits owed; 

• All we need is for millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share and we can extend the lifespan of the trust fund and expand benefits for millions of Americans. 

Right now, the average annual Social Security benefit is less than $16,000. And the new Trustees Report confirms that expanding vs. cutting Social Security’s modest benefits is a question of values and choice, not affordability.

And yet, Wall Street, Republicans in Congress and their propaganda machine want us to believe that the only way to “save” Social Security is by raising the retirement age and cutting benefits.

Stand with Social Security Works and demand that Congress act to expand Social Security’s modest benefits for millions of Americans.

When the wealthiest members of society pay their fair share, we can extend the lifespan of the trust fund, expand Social Security benefits for millions of Americans and begin addressing the United States’ looming retirement income crisis.

Together, we’re telling Washington politicians where the American people stand: Expand, don’t cut, Social Security!

Expand, don’t destroy!

In a similar fashion at the state level the Republican tax cut will have Iowa looking like Kansas in just a few years with local governments cutting services way back and schools struggling to pay staff while Iowa’s wealthiest citizens pile up the money in their bank accounts. 

We know what will happen, this road has been travelled by others. 

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