Sunday Funday: Heckling Steve Mnuchin Edition

Steve Mnuchin, overlord of Dear Leader’s economy was heckled at UCLA last week. He asked that the video of the heckling not be made public. So we at feel that we should do our part to deny his request. Therefore here is at least a short news report of the incident.

There used to be a time in this country when hecklers were allowed to speak their mind in this country. Now they are dragged out by burly well-armed police for telling the Emperor that he has no clothes. Mnuchin so far is most famous for his insane fiscal policies, spending our money like a drunken student and impressing his trophy wife with some new bills just off the printer.

Things are just getting crazy anymore. I’d take a break, but the store might not be here when I get back.

  1. Dear Leader only presidents part time. Right now his company is having some problems with a hotel in what country where owners are trying to break a contract with his company?
  1. FBI counterintelligence is investigating a business deal done by what senior administration official in Vancouver?
  1. “White lies matter” was the message as what high level administration resigned after admitting she lied for Dear Leader?
  1. March 4th, 1918 – 100 years ago – the first case of what that would become a pandemic is recorded at Funston Army Camp, Kansas?
  1. In a late night vote on Wednesday night Iowa senate republicans passed a banning abortions after how many weeks of pregnancy?
  1. Jarvanka is a term meaning what?
  1. ”We have nothing to fear but fear itself” famously stated what American on this date in 1933?
  1. Drivers Beware! California will be allowing what on their roads by April 2nd?
  1. Taking a dive! What new surprise policy from Dear leader drove the stock market into a tailspin Thursday and Friday?
  1. Rounding out their late Wednesday night rush of bills, Iowa senate republicans also voted for what tax cut in a state that can’t pay its bills?
  1. What giant credit scoring company announced it had lowballed the number of victims of its huge screw up from last year?
  1. Dear Leader is looking to the Supreme Court to stop what traditional power of the federal court system?
  1. Facing a large budget cut, what cabinet department head came under fire for buy a $32,000 dining room set for his office?
  1. Georgia threatened to pull tax breaks from what company when the company ended discounts for NRA members?
  1. Crispus Attucks is the first to die on March 5, 1770 during what early British-American confrontation?
  1. Since the shootings in Parkland, Florida Iowa has had how many threat incidents in their schools?
  1. Who said he would have taken on the Parkland shooter even if he were unarmed?
  1. What top administration official said that “abortion would end in our time” Tuesday?
  1. Early primary turnout by Democrats in what state is sending shock waves through the Republican establishment?
  1. How many states filed suit against the ACA claiming the new tax bill made it unworkable?



  1. Panama – it sounds like a goofy comedy movie down there
  1. Ivanka Trump
  1. Hope Hicks
  1. The Spanish flu
  1. 6 weeks
  1. It is a conglomeration of the first names of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
  1. FDR
  1. True driverless cars (no human in vehicle to override)
  1. Tariffs on steel and aluminum – or aluminium for our British readers
  1. $1.5 Billion
  1. Equifax – why hasn’t congress done a damn thing – oh never mind
  1. The power to issue an injunction on a law or order such as the travel ban
  1. Ben Carson at HUD
  1. Delta Airlines
  1. The Boston Massacre
  1. 13
  1. Dear Leader (as one comment said he sounds like Captain Underpants)
  1. Mike Pence
  1. Texas
  1. 20 led by Wisconsin and Texas
pie chart of tax cuts

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