Austin Frerick “Love is Love”

Iowa’s third district would be foolish to not send this polite, charming, intelligent, upstanding,  tells-it-like-it-is (in a good way!), young man to congress to represent our state in our nation’s capital. Austin stands out as a non-establishment Democrat that even establishment Democrats and sane Republicans will love. He is witty in a Tom Harkin kind of way, delivering his message with good humor and good will. You can’t help but like him. As a 20-something running for office, Austin Frerick represents the future of our country. And boy do we ever need to pass the torch to the next generation. 

Seriously, if you don’t believe us, check him out for yourself.  Start by watching Tuesday night’s third district candidate forum sponsored by College and Young Democrats of Iowa.   Visit Austin’s campaign website.  Follow him on Facebook and Twitter

Read this important message from Austin. You can’t do much better than this, Iowa.


Love is Love. I vividly remember where I was in 2009 when Iowa took an enormous step forward in the fight for marriage equality. As a young gay man, I celebrated. I knew that, one day, I could proudly get married in the state I love so much. Iowa is a leader. Iowans are leaders.

But now, almost a decade after our state legalized marriage for gay couples and nearly 3 years after the US Supreme Court’s decision affirmed that gay couples are guaranteed the same protections under the law as straight couples, our representative is failing to lead. Congressman David Young remains committed to nullifying rights guaranteed to his gay and lesbian constituents. He remains committed to nullifying my rights.

David Young doesn’t believe that love is love.

I called his office. His staffers stood by his message. Call him up and you’ll hear the same story. Young said that he solely supports ‘traditional one-man, one-woman marriage.’ Apparently almost a decade of legality isn’t enough for same-sex marriage to be traditional to David Young.

It’s one thing for your representative to disagree with you, but the idea that David Young claims to speak for the citizens of the Third District while telling gay and lesbian couples they should not be guaranteed the right to be in a legally-binding committed and loving relationship just isn’t Iowa nice. The Third District deserves a representative who will treat constituents the way you’d like to be treated — with decency and respect.

Some of our campaign’s most dedicated volunteers have been fighting for marriage equality for their entire lives. Our treasurer, gay equality activist John Schmacker, shared his thoughts about the state of equality in Iowa’s Third District. “Marriage is the establishment of kinship between two otherwise unrelated adults. David Young’s position is not only anti-gay, it is anti-family. Marriage leads to more secure families and stable communities. Young seems to think that only heterosexual Americans deserve that security. The majority of Americans disagree with him.”

We all deserve security, equality, and respect. Iowa showed the country that it could be a national leader when it became the third state to legalize gay marriage. We can continue to lead, but we need a representative who is proud to speak up for every citizen in this district. I am ready to speak up.

With Pride,

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