Sunday Funday: Republican Christmas

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Oh My! these people have been extremely naughty


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“Just got a phone call from a very upset program admin at our local visiting nurse association, which provides housekeeping services for elderly and disabled. She was in tears, choking up repeatedly, as she explained the reason for her call. “We have just been notified,” she said, “that Trump has eliminated our funding for this program. And we have no way of replacing that funding.” 

The funding for the housekeeping assistance had already been reduced a few months ago; now it’s just gone. Also gone are the jobs of those who provided that much needed help. 

Just one more example of the cruelty of the Trump administration and his complicit cronies in congress. “

Merry Christmas from the Republican Party. We have numerous examples of what Republican policies are doing in Iowa, especially to those dependent on Medicaid.

For Christmas they will raise your taxes, cut your healthcare, funnel your money to the filthy, filthy rich, let the corporations control the internet, cut pensions, cut your right to vote and collude with Russia. But you can say “Merry Christmas.”

I can’t keep up anymore.

1) Rumors were flying Thursday that what high ranking Republican official would not seek re-election this fall?

2) What two losers did the current president back in Alabama?

3) There was also a special election in Iowa last Tuesday for an empty state senate seat. Did the Republican or Democrat win that one?

4) 104 years ago today what event took place in North Carolina that would forever change the world?

5) Immediately following the FCC’s vote to end internet neutrality, who announced he would file suit to stop the decision?

6) Well someone has a conscience. What state’s Republican Party leader quit over the party’s decision to help the Roy Moore campaign in Alabama?

7) In a strange attempt to deflect charges of previous pedophilia, Alabama Republican candidate took part in a video interview conducted by whom?

8) A state senator from Kentucky committed suicide after he was accused of what?

9) Well, good old Steve King made national headlines by tweeting what this week?

10) Kim Reynolds the made headlines by doing what in response to King’s tweets?

11) What Republican announced he would not seek re-election following many stories of general debauchery and sexual harassment?

12) Former VP Joe Biden said Thursday that he owed an apology to who?

13) December 18th, 1892 the world saw the premiere of what Christmastime ballet favorite.

14) Amid stories that she was thrown out of the White House, what presidential aide announced she would be leaving the White House next month?

15) The current president outdid himself this week with a tweet that essentially called what senator a whore?

16) Brett Talley was in the news last week. Why?

17) 60% of Iowans disapprove and 35% of Iowans approve of what in an Iowa poll published Wednesday in the DMR?

18) In Minnesota Wednesday, Governor Dayton selected who to fill the pending empty senate seat now filled by Al Franken?

19) At a Friday presser, the current president would not rule out a possible pardon for who?

20) In response to the administration’s moving the Israeli embassy Jerusalem, what Israeli town cancelled all Christmas celebrations?

John Fugelsang on the Doug Jones victory: African American voters in Alabama did more to help white working Americans last night than Donald Trump has done all year.


1) House Speaker Paul Ryan

2) first loser was Sen. Luther Strange. The second was Roy Moore.

3) Republican. However, there was a huge move to the Democratic Party since the last election.

4) The Wright brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk

5) New York AG Eric Schneiderman

6) Nebraska Republican chair Joyce Simmons

7) a 12 year old  female Trump supporter Millie March

8) allegations of sexual assault of a 17 year old girl in 2012

9) “diversity is not our strength”

10) despite the racist tweet by King, Reynolds kept him as co-chair of her campaign

11) Blake Farenthold of Texas

12) Anita Hill

13) Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite”

14) Omarosa Manigault

15) Kirsten Gillibrand of New York

16) He was the totally unqualified candidate for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench whose nomination was withdrawn last week.

17) the job the current president is doing

18) current Lt. Gov. Tina Smith

19) Michael Flynn

20) Nazareth

Andy Borowitz: BREAKING: Ben Carson Now Trump’s Only Black Friend ( I don’t know, Andy. ‘Friend’ may be a bit strong.)

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