Sunday Funday: Hot Hoax Edition

As you sit sweltering in your underwear, running up an electric bill that you may need to take out a loan to pay, remember the words of our current leadership: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.”

So neener-neener hot weather – you are a hoax! But you feel sort of real!

It is getting so hard to keep up any more.

1) Following the attacks on London Bridge last week, the current president took it on himself to criticize what British elected official?

2) Britain had elections Thursday. How did the oft-villified Jeremy Corbin and his labor Party do?

3) What independent senator displayed an unusual anger during Senate Intelligence Committee hearings when two witnesses refused to answer questions because they didn’t feel it appropriate?

4) British PM Theresa May took the occasion of the London Bridge attacks to call for regulation of what?

5) Leaks revealed this week that the National Security team was blindsided by the current president’s failure to reaffirm the US commitment to what NATO major provision?

6) SCOTUS agreed to hear a case next year involving what aspect of cell phone use in this country?

7) After a really strange performance questioning James Comey, Senator John McCain claimed he was affected by doing what the previous night?

8) Director Comey used what word, usually avoided in the press, to describe the current president during his hearing?

9) After the enactment of a sales tax break for manufacturers in Iowa manufacturing jobs have increased or decreased in this state?

10) Nevada is looking at an innovative approach to health care by offering a buy-in to what program in their state?

11) Iowa state treasurer, Michael Fitzgerald, described the state finances as what as the state barely had enough to pay bills in April?

12) Tomorrow is the 88th birthday anniversary of what inspirational teenage author and victim of the Nazi Holocaust?

13) Leaked documents from what government agency showed that Russia was involved in attempting to hack the US voter registration network?

14) The leaker of the above information has a name that seems to me made up by Hollywood. What is it?

15) The current top diplomat to what country resigned in protest of the administration’s climate policy?

16) The law firm of the new nominee to head the FBI, Christopher Wray, has ties to oil companies in what country?

17) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan dismissed talk of obstruction of justice by saying what about the current president?

18) It was revealed that what cabinet member was taken to task by the current president for recusing himself from the Russian investigations?

19) The House voted to repeal the Dodd-Frank bill Thursday. How did Iowa’s congress members vote?

20) Wednesday is flag day and also the birthday of what president?

Eric Trump on Democrats: “To me, they’re not even people” Good thing he is rich, because he’s too stupid and too much of a jerk to make it on his own.


1) London Mayor Sadiq Khan – bet the fact that Khan is Muslim had something to do with it

2) Labor gained 31 seats – not enough to form a government though

3) Maine’s Angus King

4) the internet

5) article 5 – the article that calls for mutual defense provision

6) privacy

7) watching a late Diamondbacks baseball game

8) liar

9) decreased

10) Medicaid

11) “on the brink” Thanks, Terry and legislature!

12) Anne Frank

13) NSA

14) Reality Winner

15) China. David Rank resigned and Branstad is not in place yet.

16) Russia – his firm represents Gazprom and Rosneft

17) he’s new at his job – or words to that effect

18) Sessions

19) It was a party line vote so Republicans for repeal, Loebsack against

20) the current one. Have a nice day

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