City Council Votes Unanimously To Remove Muscatine Mayor

Muscatine City Council with Mayor Broderson

In what seems to be a party power trip in Muscatine, Thursday night the city council of Muscatine voted to begin the process of removing the mayor from office.

For a slightly outsider this looks to be power politics on a small scale that makes those exercising this power grab look foolish and certainly makes the city look moronic.

Based on the report and video that accompanies WQAD’s report Thursday night, the council as yet seems to have no actual reason for the removal.

Or perhaps they are recreating “Animal House” and using “super-secret probation.”

Again as an outsider but someone who lives in the same county it sure looks as if the 7 male members of the council are in a snit about three things:

First, the mayor is not a male. Strike one

Secondly, the mayor seems to be a democrat which it appears the council is not. Strike two

Third, the mayor wanted to open boards and commissions to under-represented members of the community such as women and Latinos. This apparently caused the original council power grab in which the mayor was stripped of her powers to make appointments to boards and commissions. this had been a power Muscatine mayors had had forever. Most likely that reaction was caused by points 1 and 2.

This looks like the same crap that the North Carolina legislature is trying to do on a much smaller scale. Think of how foolish they look.

If the council removes the mayor for what seems to be weak or no cause, they will really damage the image of a city which is really in need of some image enhancement.

Can’t wait to hear the councilors reasons for this silliness. Perhaps I will be the one who looks foolish once the councilors can come up with the reasons they are taking this action. But from out here it looks like the opposite of what America stands for.

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  1. Jon Trouten says:

    Three of the city council members — including the one who read the impeachment motion at the council meeting — will be up for re-election later this year. It looks like the impeachment vote drew a large crowd. And it looks like all of those people were opposed to the impeachment and in support of the mayor. Looks like people need to rise up in Muscatine and get rid of those three incumbents!


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