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Dave Loebsack’s Office Ready To Assist Iowans Impacted By Trump Executive Order

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Dave Loebsack released the following statement regarding President Trump’s executive order that impacts those fleeing persecution, families that have already been granted refugee status, legal permanent residents, and visa holders. Loebsack’s office also stands ready to … Continue reading

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How You Can Help Put One More Democrat In The Iowa Legislature This Session

If you are looking for some way to contribute to saving Democracy today, staving off the Republican agenda in Iowa is one of the most urgent needs we have.  At the top of your to-do list this week, please add … Continue reading

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Military Spending Grows While States Struggle To Fund Essential Needs

The atmosphere of fear, distrust, anger, and, for some, celebration, permeates our present and obscures clear thinking.  We  lose sight of truths that are right in front of our nose.  The bipartisan addiction to military spending is one of those … Continue reading

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Contact Your Representatives!

The very most effective action you can take following the liberating experience of standing up to the bully is to now start contacting your national senators and representatives on national issues. But do not forget that the overwhelmingly Republican Iowa … Continue reading

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Democrats in Davenport: HD 89 Election Tuesday

Just a reminder for our friends down in Davenport: Tuesday is the election to replace Rep. Jim Lykam. Lykam moved to the senate to fill the seat of the late Joe Seng. Turnout will be key. Please be sure to … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Don’t Be A Sucker Edition

First question for today: Are there any lessons for today in the following 1947 from the US military produced post WWII? (17.5 minutes) 1) A 140,000 gallon diesel pipeline spill occurred on farm ground in what northern Iowa county? 2) … Continue reading

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The People Speak: Letters To The Editor

Reminder: letters to the editor of our local newspapers are a free and great way to get our points out. And do not be shy. If you write a great letter share it with all the newspapers in the area. … Continue reading

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Ajit Pai: New FCC Chair Foe of Net Neutrality

An email from Reactionary agenda Timothy Karr, Ajit Pai — a former Verizon lawyer — is now the head of the FCC. And he’s vowed to destroy Net Neutrality. The open internet is more important than ever — … Continue reading

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Last Saturday You Learned That You Are Not Alone

The Women’s March On – well, Everywhere was an incredibly liberating experience. The most liberating aspect of this march was simply to see in real life that you are not alone! Your sense that something is very wrong in this … Continue reading

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Dan Rather Trying To Bring Back Journalism And #ToppleTrump Respected news icon Dan Rather launched a Facebook page to counter the lies and “alternative facts” from Donald Trump. As with so many of us, he had enough of the garbage from Trump and the news media. The Facebook … Continue reading

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