Perception Beating Reality Hands Down


Controlling the media really helps.

“He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past.”
George Orwell, 1984.

Back in 1970 Lewis Powell wrote the infamous Powell Memo. In that memo the future Supreme Court justice asserted that the business community must flex its muscle, especially in their media image. Over the years the interpretation of what that meant shifted from better media relations to simply owning the media.

So media news evolved or maybe actually revolted from a model of being a third party observer and reporter of news to an active participant and shaper of propaganda. As corporate media has moved from one side of the spectrum to the other, they have taken on various projects both short term and long. In the short term category are ridiculous crap like changing the name of french fries to freedom fries. In the long term category is the canonization of Ronald Reagan as the saint of free marketry with a strange removal of all sins such as steep tax raises and major blunders in the Middle East.

Few of their projects have been as long term as the demonization and dehumanizing of one person – Hillary Clinton. Now after some 25 or more years in the making we are about to see if corporate media’s relentless and concentrated vilification of that one person can bear them fruit for their effort. That fruit would be the election of the worst prepared and worst suited candidate for any office anywhere at any time in this country.

A simple side by side comparison of the two candidates on preparedness and personal traits shows Hillary Clinton both very well prepared and very well suited to the rigors and decision making of the off of the leader of the most powerful office on earth. In such a comparison, Donald Trump comes up woefully short on both measures.

Whereas Clinton’s life has been quite public and easily examined, Donald Trump’s actual dealings is mostly cloaked in mystery with little to examine. Nor is he at all forthcoming with any documents that may help fill in the holes in his biography. He and his team have made many bogus claims of why he will not release documents that would give us a picture of his story. The corporate media with a few exceptions have done nothing to even pursue this issue. What few glimpses we have gotten show a selfish. petulant, rich man child prone to outbursts of rage.

Yet the corporate media has given us a perception of Donald Trump as a mover and shaker of a business person. This despite the hundreds of lawsuits, his history of screwing employees and small businesses on payments and current fraud cases against several of his businesses.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand has been accused of everything from murder to fraud to pretty much whatever you can make up. Republicans in Congress have spent over $200 million investigating her on various charges. So far they have only served to clear her of any charges.

As long as the corporate media continues to fan the flames of false accusations against Clinton while suppressing the truth about Trump the corporate media can create and manipulate the presidential horse race they so desire.

Perception is that both candidates are extremely flawed. Reality is that one candidate is well prepared and suited to the job while the other would not be suited to be dog catcher. Perception is kicking the hell out of reality.

Recent investigations into charities associated with the candidates have shown Clinton’s charity to be clean and well run while Trump’s appears to be a money laundering operation. Yet the corporate media still spins the Clinton Foundation with an innuendo of graft which has been proven false. Once again perception kicks reality’s butt.

In one of the most egregious acts by the corporate media, recent history is being rewritten to make it seem as if the recent Republican recession was caused by Barack Obama (with an assist from Hillary Clinton) with little mention of the worst president in history.

Just to remind folks, the most recent Republican administration drove the country deeply in debt with huge tax cuts for the wealthy; started two wars of choice overseas with no exit plans nor funding to pay for them; created a huge drug program for seniors without negotiating lower drug prices and once again without funding; stood by and did nothing as the country was plunged into a panic as the subprime mortgage scandal exploded; oversaw the loss of millions of jobs while assuring the country that all was well. In short it was a horror show of an administration. Much more here.

In this head to head matchup of perception as driven by the corporate media versus the reality that is suppressed by corporate media, perception is winning by a wide margin. Corporate media’s quarter century or more of creating a cartoonish caricature of Hillary Clinton may result in the election of the worst president ever. That would be quite an accomplishment considering what the George W. Bush administration did to this country.

Want to see perception in action? Check out this video from the Daily Show from the other night:

Yet all is not quite so bleak. Next post is a hats off to some heroes of the media.

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