Grassley Like A Broken Clock: He Doesn’t Work

l to r: Tom Fiegen, Rob Hogg, Patty Judge, Bob Krause Iowa Democratic Senate Candidates. credit: Sioux City Journal One of these candidates will work for Iowa

l to r: Tom Fiegen, Rob Hogg, Patty Judge, Bob Krause
Iowa Democratic Senate Candidates.
credit: Sioux City Journal
One of these candidates will work for Iowa

Went to an event Thursday for one of Grassley’s opponents, Rob Hogg.

During the question and answer period one of the audience brought up that Grassley as chair of the Judiciary Committee has been sitting on a bill called the CARERs Bill. Apparently one of the provisions of the CARERs bill would move marijuana from a schedule 1 (illegal) drug to a schedule II drug. Schedule II would be drugs that could be dispensed under a doctor’s care but are highly controlled.

Something like half of the country now allows some form of medical marijuana. The only reason states are able to allow medical marijuana at this time is because the Obama Administration has publicly declared it will not enforce marijuana laws. What happens when Obama is no longer president in 8 months is open to speculation, but most likely a Donald Trump would rescind that order immediately. The CARERs Bill could make that question moot by changing marijuana from a schedule I to a schedule II.

How many Americans depend on medical marijuana to control pain or the effects of epilepsy or the many other problems that marijuana has been found to relieve. If Mr. Obstruction doesn’t do something these untold sufferers will be at the whims of the new president come next January.

I have no idea why Grassley would obstruct this, but I can and will speculate. There are three lobbying groups that are really scared that a more widely prescribed medical marijuana will greatly hurt their profits. Those are 1) big Pharma; 2) the alcohol industry and 3) the for profit prison industry. Marijuana helps fill their rooms and keeps their profits high.

The only other reason is that Grassley refuses to give Obama anything so he is obstructing on this just the way he is obstructing on federal judges at all levels to the point where he has created a judicial emergency in this country. Grassley is also refusing to move on appointments to the State Department due to a snit over something Hillary Clinton did.

So stated simply, Grassley is about as useful as a broken clock. The clock doesn’t work and neither does Grassley. We aren’t paying the clock $174,000 a year, though. Nor is the clock making life worse for anyone as Grassley’s inaction is. But they do have one similarity – we can throw both of them out because they are useless.

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  1. Bob Krause says:

    Grassley’s love affair with big pharma goes back to the creation of Medicare Part D. Then he took away Medicare’s right to negotiate the price of prescription drugs. It has cost the taxpayers $600 billion so far. And it was the same year he received the second highest number of contributions from drug companies than any member of Congress.


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