Sunday Funday: The Holidays Begin Edition

Time to go to work again?

Time to go to work again?

Ho Ho Ho and an LOL – today is the first day of the December – January holidays. Can’t remember what today’s holiday is? Who cares? Celebrate anyway!

Oh, today is Saint Nicholas Day! December 6th is celebrated in some parts of Europe as ‘little Christmas.’ Let the good times roll!

Let’s hope that Americans can put away their guns for a few weeks and let us enjoy the holidays.

Were you paying attention?

1) Every one should know that worldwide climate talks got underway in what European city last week?

2) The only major player in the world to deny that the climate is changing is what American political party?

3) As we near the end of 2015, on average America has experienced one mass shooting for every what time period?

4) The attack and mass shooting in San Bernardino took place at what kind of facility?

5) To Iowa’s shame, Terry Branstad becomes the country’s longest serving governor ever on what date next week?

6) Dec. 1, 1955 Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man in what American city?

7) The world changed dramatically on Dec. 2, 1942 when Enrico Fermi carried out what procedure at the U of Chicago?

8) Last Monday this currency joined the Euro, the Pound, the Dollar and the Yen as the fifth official world currency?

9) In Huron, Cal. last week a burglar died when the homeowner did what?

10) It took 13 months but the Chicago police department is undergoing a major shakeup and possible investigation in the death and coverup of what individual?

11) Less than a week after a terrorist attack on one of its facilities, what service organization was voted to be defunded by the US Senate?

12) What young billionaire and his wife pledged $45 billion to charity, but will do it as an LLC rather than a normal charity?

13) In Missouri a state legislator introduced a bill that would make the process for purchasing a firearm comparable to the process for obtaining what medical procedure?

14) Don Blankenship was convicted of conspiracy to willfully violate mine safety from what incident?

15) Iowa farmers and congress critters were disappointed as the EPA released its rule on what for 2015 and 2016 for what commodity?

16) Dec. 5th, 1791 what man died a pauper at age 35 despite leaving the world a priceless trove musical compositions?

17) What Republican congressional candidate raised controversy last week when he declared that immigrant felons who tried to reenter the US should be executed?

18) The same day as the mass killing in San Bernardino there was a mass shooting earlier in the day in what American city?

19) Wednesday morning a group of physicians presented a petition to Congress to lift the ban on the study of what major health threat?

20) Whistleblower police in Dothan, Alabama charged that police did what to black men they arrested over a 20 year period?

Can we hope for peace within this country for the holiday season? It would be a start.


1) Paris, France

2) the Republican party

3) on average, every day

4) a center for people with developmental disabilities

5) Dec. 14th

6) Montgomery, Alabama

7) the first successful nuclear chain reaction

8) China’s yuan (aka the renminbi)

9) Lit a fire in his fireplace. The burglar tried to come into the house through the chimney and got stuck

10) Laquan McDonald

11) Planned Parenthood

12) Mark Zuckerberg

13) obtaining an abortion – the process would involve driving hundreds of miles, days of wait and hours of watching videos on the effects of gun violence.

14) the mine explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine where 29 miners were killed.

15) renewable fuels standards, specifically corn ethanol.

16) Amadeus Mozart

17) Mark Chelgrin

18) Savannah, Georgia

19) Gun violence. This was just a few hours before the shootings in San Bernardino

20) planted drugs and weapons on the black men

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