Fast Food Workers Going On Strike

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Today, underpaid fast food clerks, care providers, adjuncts, retail associates and thousands of women and men across the country are bravely going on strike once again. Along with their supporters, they’re raising their voices to demand $15 an hour, full-time hours and the right to stick together. I believe that their fight is incredibly important. ALL working people should be paid enough to sustain their families.

You can help support our collective call for $15 by submitting a letter to the editor to your local paper. We’ve made it easy by putting together talking points for you. Click here to get started!

I’m guessing you’ve heard people say that $15 is too much to ask for in this economy. But you and I know that it’s absolutely necessary that all men and women have decent jobs with fair schedules and wages that allow them to provide for themselves and their families. Our time, our work and our contributions to the bottom line are all valuable.

Corporate CEOs want us to think that there’s not enough to go around, but their profit statements tell a different story. Let’s take back the conversation from McDonald’s, Walmart and others who don’t want to have a real discussion about what it takes to get by in our country today. Click here to make your voice heard now!

Writing a letter takes just a few minutes, but each one has an impact. By declaring your support for better wages for all working people, together we can make a difference. If thousands of people are brave enough to protest and go on strike on November 10, we should back them up in one clear, powerful voice. Let’s make sure that our communities know that ALL work has value. Submit your letter now!

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  1. Phil says:

    But which cities?
    So far I’ve only seen a few states listed.
    Nobody bothered to find out which cities.


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