Burning Down The House

koch brothers own americaoccupydemocrats.com

If you believe the Republican government shutdown is something the leaders of the GOP came up with on a last-minute whim, Rachel Maddow has news for you: the plan for this reckless act of economic obstruction was hashed deep within the crevices of the Republican Tea Party establishment all the way back in 2010.

That’s right, the corporatist anarchists of the Tea Party have succeeded in their 3-year ploy to shut down The People’s Government and stall President Obama’s legislative agenda.

As Maddow makes it clear in this powerful and informative segment, the Republican Tea Party sees the government shutdown as a huge win, given the fact that their founders, the Koch Brothers, want nothing more than to dismantle the federal government, congress, and the key protections that stop the corporations from downright purchasing the American people en masse.

Please watch the video below and share it on social media forums so that every American will know about the sinister roots of the Republican Tea Party government shutdown.

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