Assessing Our Heterosexual Marriage

2026_curious-catIt is time for our annual assessment of our heterosexual marriage. We have been doing so for the past four years, looking for the signs that legalized gay marriage in Iowa is causing our marriage to crumble. We have survived 2 children, a near death and lifelong complications from that, some drinking problems and now the slow march toward old age. We had survived quite a bit together. But we heard the warnings from the learned Christians that marriages across the state could not survive the incredible onslaught of gay, or gayety or gayness or however one describes it.

Four years on April 3rd here in Iowa. I don’t know how we have been able to hold together. Seems like the onslaught just never stops. Well, actually we really haven’t seen anything ourselves, but we’ve heard it is out there and we are ready. Thanks to that inspirational leader Bob Vander Plaats whose predictions on this has been every bit as wrong as anything he has ever said.

Fighting Henry Fest?
It is almost time for the Fighting Bob Fest up in Wisconsin. I keep thinking that Iowa should have a similar event. We could name it after one of Iowa’s progressive leaders who truly stood for his values despite the times. My thoughts would be a “Fighting Henry Fest” named after Henry Wallace former Vice-President and true progressive. I would think that Iowa City or Des Moines would be the best spots for such an event. I would choose Iowa City since it is more centrally located to cities such as Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Dubuque, Davenport, Clinton, Burlington and Muscatine.

Seems like a good old hot as a firecracker July weekend would be a good time for progressives to gather, celebrate accomplishments and fortify themselves for the future. I do not mean this as a dis to Tom Harkin – he already has his affair in Indianola every year.

About Those Hiring Numbers, Mr. Branstad.
We haven’t heard about them for a couple of months. I was wondering if you were still putting out those fantasy numbers you were a couple of months ago or if you have decided maybe Iowans can actually handle the truth? Remember, you stated that Iowa’s employment was up something like 125,000 since your were sworn in, but those that actually count things said it was more like 18,000. You were only off by about 100,000. In Iowa, that is a big lie.

And most of those jobs were due to Obama policies, not yours. So, are you still pulling numbers out of the air?

ALEC Trying To Kill “Sick Day” Pay
By golly, the group that owns Republican state legislators around the country is ready to flex its muscle and push new legislation that will once more put the screws to American workers. ALEC is working to end local sick day pay for workers. Losing wages, losing pensions, busting unions, ALEC has been the real leader in crushing workers across the country. Be sure to ask your legislator is a member of ALEC. Then you will know where he really stands on issues.

Mr. Obama? Why Social Security?
One of my great concerns with the proposal the President will make next Wednesday – using chained CPI for Social Security – is that once Social Security or Medicare have been offered as negotiating pieces, they will always be negotiating pieces. There is some smell of blood in the water. Republicans will pick up on that and they will pursue their prey until it (social security) is dead. And once it has been offered, Republicans will use it as a campaign issue claiming that Democrats were the ones who tried to dismantle Social Security.

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  1. John Howes says:

    Talk about your same-sex marriages… Branstand is totally in bed with ALEC. Always has been.


  2. dave bradley says:

    yep – he even helped start it


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