Steve King: Bet I Can Fool You!

steve kingIn what must be the first move in the 2014 election cycle, a large group of Republican House members voted for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and at the same time voted AGAINST VAWA. So, even though the money that runs the Republican Party was against the VAWA, most Republicans knew that voting against it would look bad.

So Speaker John Boehner scheduled votes for a Republican version of the VAWA that excluded help for immigrants and Native Americans on tribal lands, among others. So King and his ilk could vote for that version, thus claiming they voted FOR the VAWA, even though this version failed to pass. Then when Boehner allowed a vote on the Senate passed version of the VAWA, which the Republicans opposed, King and his ilk could vote against it. Thus, when he goes to campaign in 2014 whether it be state-wide or in his district he can claim that he voted FOR VAWA or he can claim he voted AGAINST VAWA depending on the crowd. The version that passed is quite popular.

Implicit in this maneuver by Steve King is that he thinks the average Iowa voter is an idiot. So think about what Steve King’s opinion of you is, if you are in an area where he is on the ballot.

The full story is here and names others playing the same trick.

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