Sunday Funday – How Quickly We Forget Edition

Remember that thing you saw in January you were sure you’d never forget. 12 months later and it’s forgotten. We get so much information in a day it is often hard to keep it more than a day. But here we go – let’s see what you can remember of this past year.

1) This dance and song video took the world by storm during the summer. By Christmas, even Santa was known to attempt it. What was the song and who was the artist?

2) The presidential race took up major blocks of the news cycles from January on. In order to maintain its ‘first in the nation’ status, when did Iowa hold its presidential caucuses?

3) The Republican race at the Iowa caucuses was so close that the actual winner was not known for weeks. Who was the eventual winner of the Iowa caucuses?

4) Name the two Mormons who ran for president in 2012

5) On Sept. 11th there was an attack on a US diplomatic mission that Republicans have been using as a political football. Where is this mission located?

6) In a story that rivaled Horatio Alger, this young man of Asian descent came from nowhere to lead his team on an unlikely winning streak in the NBA. Can you name him?

7) We knew after “Citizens United” that big money would play a big part in the presidential races. Can you name the sugar daddies who kept Newt Gingerich and Rick Santorum afloat during the Republican primaries?

8) Can you remember Dave Loebsack’s opponent in 2012?

9) What is the name of the vehicle we landed on Mars in August?

10) What was the name of the Romney’s horse that was entered into the Olympics dressage competition?

11) What movie was playing at the theater in Aurora, Colo. when the gunman slaughtered the movie-goers?

12) Who ran against Gov. Walker in the Wisconsin recall?

13) Just recently Michigan passed and signed into effect a law making Michigan a so-called ‘right to work’ state. Who signed that bill?

14) In March the story came to light of a black teenager returning home being stalked and then killed by a lone vigilante. Can you name the vigilante and his victim?

15) Name one of the two Republican senate candidates whose statements on rape cost them an almost sure victory. Hint the states involved were Missouri and Indiana.

16) Had to add this one. This young woman was refused an opportunity to speak on birth control by Republicans heading up the House Oversight Committee. Subsequent treatment of her by right wing media led to an advertiser boycott of the Rush Limbaugh Show, which may eventually lead to the bankruptcy of two major radio conglomerates. What is her name?

Whoo-eee what a year. I just scratched the surface here folks. Hope your brains are burned out after this.
As a Christmas present, here are some ansewrs:

1) Gangnam style done by Psy

2) January 3rd. Remember?

3) Rick Santorum, even though it was announced Romney had won by 8 votes on the noght of the caucuses.

4) Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, Jr.

5) Benghazi, Libya

6) Jeremy Lin

7) Gingerich had Sheldon Adelman and Santorum had Foster Friese

8) John Archer (oh how quickly we forget)

9) Curiosity

10) Rafalca

11) Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

12) Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

13) Rick Snyder

14) George Zimmerman killed Trevon Martin.

15) Missouri’s Todd Akins and Indiana’s Richard Mourdock

16) Sandra Fluke

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