Support For Romney Amazing

One thing that has simply confounded me during the general election campaign is that Romney continues to get at least a 44% level of support pretty much since the beginning. This guy is perhaps the worst candidate in history and yet just shy of half the population claims they will vote for him. H. L. Mencken‘s most famous quote “No one in this world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby” seems to have been made for this very situation

From day one of the primaries, Romney has flip-flopped and lied as he felt was needed. He drowned his opponents in oceans of cash, even though his opponents were probably one of the worst collections of politicians ever. He has lied from day 1 and constantly changed positions. All his life he has been kowtowed to. The guy is a jerk. He has ruined thousands perhaps millions of lives in his own country with his business practices.

And he is no patriot. Were he a patriot he would willingly pay taxes on monies he earned in America to keep our society strong. Just like running an election or running a business, money is the fuel to keep government strong. When our leading citizens hide their money in offshore accounts, that means they have no faith in their own government. And this guy wants to lead the country that he himself has no faith in, that he himself refuses to support.

It’s like he owned a restaurant but won’t eat there because you know the food is bad cause you have poisoned it. Or maybe a better analogy would be that he were CEO at Johnson and Johnson yet held stock in Procter and Gamble and Unilever, etc. And now to hear that he is invested in China is like the ultimate slap in the face. Maybe they will take you in after you lose. It would be to America’s shame that we would elect someone who can’t even support the country 100%.

Yet nearly half the people will vote for Romney. I was frankly ashamed that the Republican Party would even proffer such a piss poor candidate and citizen. I can’t for the life of me understand why any American would vote for him or how they could justify it. He has stated time after time his policies will be the same that nearly crashed the world economy. The only policy that he has consistently backed is yet more tax cuts for the rich from which he will get a huge personal benefit. The rest of us can starve and freeze.

I have yet to her a truly legitimate reason to vote for a guy who won’t even fully support his country.

Great Rant From Maddow.
For those who missed it, Rachel Maddow had one of the greatest rants I have yet heard on right wing media and the fact free bubble in which they exist. When Mitt Romney looked so surprised by Candy Crowley’s statement of facts on Obama’s Libya statement it was because his buddies at Fox “News” had been lying to him and he took it as truth. Whoops! Catch it here.

Republicans At All Levels Remember This

Come November, Women Will Remember!

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  1. Wayne says:

    Romney would not be doing so well if President Obama had been a white man. I hate to say that but I live in Florida and I hear stupid people say stupid things about our president all the time. You know down here some haven’t given up on who won the Civil War.


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