Friday Food Talk: Poweshiek County Fights North Carolina Factory Hog Farm

Iowa Citiizens For Community Improvement

Yesterday, 56 Poweshiek County Iowa CCI members packed their Board of Supervisor’s meeting to tell them to deny a proposed Prestage Farms hog factory expansion.

The meeting was extremely powerful, with almost everyone in the room speaking up and doing a great job.

Three representatives from Prestage Farms, including CEO Ryan Pudenz from Ames and one representative from Pinnacle, who helps build their sites, also attended the meeting.

We are very confident that the Supervisors will recommend denial however we won’t find out until their July 24th meeting.

Next thing on the calendar for Poweshiek County, however, is the DNR’s Environmental Protection Committee meeting  Tuesday, July 17, where we need to pack the house again!

The people of Poweshiek County have been fighting all summer against Prestage Farms — a huge factory farming corporation based out of North Carolina that wants to expand two existing factory farm sites in Chester Township.

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