Congressman Loebsack On Disaster Relief

Last Friday, the National Republican Campaign Committee began calling Iowans telling them that I’m holding up aid for disaster victims. This is despite the fact that I’ve called on Speaker Boehner three times to deliver assistance to disaster victims. In fact, I’ve called on him to provide more assistance than the House Republicans want to provide.

Frankly, this latest political ploy is so cynical that if people’s lives and homes weren’t at stake, I’d be tempted to dismiss this latest smear campaign by the NRCC.

But, it feels like deja vu once again. Third party groups and Washington politicians are playing a dangerous and counterproductive game of Russian roulette. Only this time, it isn’t just politics. The funding is needed to rebuild disaster torn communities.

After the floods struck in 2008, I helped muck out basements in the days that followed. Then I went to work to bring over $4 billion in disaster assistance to Iowans. And every step of the way, I worked on a bipartisan basis to do so.

Earlier this year, when our neighbors in Western Iowa were hit by flooding, I went to work with the bipartisan Iowa delegation to make sure that our fellow Iowans have the support they need. In fact, I’ve been urging the House to pass disaster assistance for the last month. Meanwhile, Washington Republicans are tried to push through a bill that would provide less disaster assistance than what is needed to help the many victims here in Iowa and across the country.

As a native Iowan, I was brought up to believe that you always help a neighbor in need. I will continue to fight for Iowa families, farmers and businesses affected by disasters, just as I have done tirelessly since 2008. I do not do this because of third party political groups; I fight for this funding because it’s the right thing to do.

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