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Saturday Legislative Forum Fun in Muscatine

Saturday Legislative Forum Fun in Muscatine by Dave Bradley I spent last Saturday morning at the Muscatine county legislative forum. Since the panel of legislators consists of four Republicans and one lone Democrat, I was about to learn lots of … Continue reading

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HF589/SF431 – Recordings in Animal Facilities

HF589/SF431 – Recordings in Animal Facilities   by Mary LaHay, Iowa Voters for Companion AnimalsIn 2010, our organization worked with other concerned Iowans to improve oversight of Iowa’s commercial dog-breeding facilities, resulting in the passage of HF2280 (aka the Puppy … Continue reading

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Health Care Briefs on the New Law: Covering the Uninsured

HEALTH CARE BRIEFS ON THE NEW LAW:    COVERING THE UNINSURED by Frank SamuelsonCovering the Uninsured. The new Health Care Affordability Act will extend health insurance coverage to 32 million Americans that now have no coverage. These fellow citizens now suffer, … Continue reading

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Popious by John Shumaker Popiousa questionable overseas corpsewell language has a different slant sometimes  ya have a world gone silent    on so many thingsa soul crying for love    for nurturing      for sustenanceMother Earth  saying      “care”for your loved ones,  for friends,    … Continue reading

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